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Visualize a positive idea… at least once a day


Happiness may be found on a daily basis in the moments you dedicate to yourself when you think about what would make you happy or what you desire. Give it a try! Visualize what you would like to have… And I can tell you the results will be amazing!

Start slowly

To get used to this kind of exercise, I advise you to visualize your favorite color on a regular basis. Do that at least once a day.

Then, move on to more subtle visualizations:

  • Your favorite bird singing
  • Your favorite landscape (the sea, a sand dune, a mountain, the forest…)
  • Your favorite smell coming from a flower, incense, perfume…

Visualize your projects

Once these short exercises are performed, you can “tackle” the visualization of a positive idea, i.e. a creative and constructive idea:

Visualize for instance:

  • A project being fulfilled
  • The fulfillment of love
  • An cherished dream

Get into the habit of doing this on a regular basis – each day, in the morning when you wake up for example. It will put you in a good mood!

What is positive attracts what is positive.
This way, you will contribute to your happiness.


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