How to use a Crystal Ball

how to use a crystal ball

If you’re new to the world of crystal ball scrying then you might be a little clueless as to what’s involved. This article will take a look at how to use a crystal ball for beginners as well as some hints and tips for those who are a little more experienced. This article will look at various materials, set and setting other uses and finally: how to read a crystal ball.

The Ball Itself

The idea behind a crystal ball is that it’s perfectly spherical. This is in order to give off energy equally in all directions. The crystal ball uses can vary, for example: placing the crystal ball in the center of the room ensures that each person in the room receives equal energy. If you’re planning on doing a séance then you should place the crystal ball in the center of the table. The specific instructions can vary as the method has changed throughout the years. When it comes to crystal ball gazing, the material choice has different effects.

Do you know how to correctly use a crystal ball?

A crystal ball is a powerful energy hub that can serve a wide range of different purposes. You can learn the meaning of each type of crystal ball to put their power to better use. Some people use them to see glimpses of the future.

Your Guardian Angel can offer further guidance on the use of crystal balls.

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What type of crystal ball is best for scrying?

An important point of using a crystal ball is the choice of material. If your intention is crystal ball scrying then your best choice would be a clear material such as Quartz. However, many people use their crystal ball in order to boost certain energy in their room or house.

So if you needed aid in solving marital problems, a Sunstone ball would boost sexuality while a Moonstone or Red Silicone ball boosts passion. Similarly, a Rose Quartz ball can boost romance. If there has been a falling out then a Rhodonite Ball symbolizes reconciliation. A Hermitage ball is generic relationship energy. So the material itself influences the crystal ball uses.

Use a crystal ball – Storing your Ball

If you’re wondering how to use a crystal ball for crystal ball gazing (also referred to as crystal ball scrying) these are the basics. Firstly, you have to prepare the ball, the room and also yourself. As you will use the ball as a form of energy, view it as a sort of cosmic battery.

You need to charge it before you can use it to channel the energy for whatever function you’re using it. In order to avoid the energy being drained, keep it out of direct sunlight when it’s not in use. It’s often best to store it in some sort of box where it won’t get drained or dusty.

After the use a crystal ball: How do you charge a Crystal ball?

There are varying methods for this. Some people prefer to bury their ball in the Earth to allow it to soak up some of the Earth’s natural energy. Others will leave it in the light of a full moon for more cosmic energy. Of course, there are simpler methods such as passing your crystal ball through smoke or incense or rubbing holy water over it.

Perhaps the most simple is simply washing your crystal ball with some warm soapy water. This cleans the ball which will aid with a clear reading but also removes any excess energy. This ensures that when your crystal ball uses energy that it won’t have interference from dirt particles or the excess energy.

Set and Setting the use of a crystal ball

Many who wonder how to use a crystal ball for beginners; this is one of the most important steps. Set and setting refer to your own state of mind and the environment that you are in. You don’t want the room to be too well lit as too much light makes crystal ball gazing all the more challenging.

A few candles work best. Placing a black cloth under the ball itself also limits reflection. If you’ve meditated before then you’ll understand that it’s easier when there is peace and quiet. Similarly, when you are crystal ball scrying, you want to make sure nothing will disturb you: noises and people alike.

In terms of your frame of mind, you need to be level-headed. If you have too much pent-up emotion: either positive or negative, it can impact your crystal ball gazing session. It can be a good idea to actually meditate beforehand or if meditation isn’t your thing, perform an activity that does relax you: Perhaps taking a bath or do some yoga.

You need your mind to be clear as you’re trying to go beyond your conscious mind to reach into your subconscious. Finally, it’s essential to keep your expectations managed. Keep your possibilities open but try not to expect a specific result.

Crystal Ball Gazing

Many people hold their crystal ball before starting. That is why it is important to how to use a crystal ball. This way you charge it with your energy which means that you already have a connection to it. Place it on the stand in front of you or straight onto the cloth if you don’t have a stand. It’s not essential but it just helps you set the scene.

Once you’re ready, focus on the crystal ball. Simply begin staring at it. You want to use some techniques that are similar to meditation such as some focused, deep breathing. As your mind begins to focus on the crystal ball and your conscious mind dissipates, you should begin to see a mist form.

The trick here is not to let the sight of the mist startle you too much. Remember, your crystal ball uses energy as well as interaction with your mind and spirit. You want to stare into this mist. Try to blink as little as possible but don’t force your eyes to stay open beyond what is comfortable. It shouldn’t take long before you start to see symbols, energy (in the form of different colors and shapes) or even images or entire scenarios.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just remember: learning how to read a crystal ball takes patience and lots of practice. If you don’t see anything the first, second or even third time, don’t give up. View your energy like rolling a snowball down a snowy hill. At first, it might be a little slow and difficult to see.

As the momentum builds up, the snowball gets bigger and full of energy as it collects more snow. This is like your ability to see into the crystal ball and therefore into your own mind and spirit. Give it time and have faith and you’ll eventually learn how to use a crystal ball.

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