New moon meditations – How to prepare them

new moon meditations

The new moon offers a rare opportunity. It is an incredible time to see the night’s sky even clearer than ever before. It also allows you to absorb a higher level of energy if you are forward-thinking enough to take advantage of it. The winter months are the best time for this as the dark nights last longer, allowing for more time to see out into the universe and absorb the energy it is offering you. A new moon occurs every 29.5 days to be exact so new moon meditations can be carried out regularly. Likewise, you can use a full moon meditation script during a full moon.

New Moon Meditation Advice

The best time to start your new moon meditations is actually three nights prior to the new moon event. This allows you to slowly build up your energy levels to prepare you for the flow of energy you’ll receive during the actual new moon meditation. It is best to be outside, somewhere away from the city and its noise and bright lights. If possible, the ideal scenario would be camping out in the middle of nowhere. The most important night is the night of the new moon, so if you can only be outside one night, it should be on that one.

New Moon Guided Meditation

If you’re new to meditation then not to worry, you can find plenty of new moon guided meditation tracks or a new moon meditation script online. Perhaps you’re not a beginner and just prefer using either of these options. Either is fine, as is neither. On the day leading up to the new moon, simply meditate as you normally would. Anywhere between 10-30 minutes is perfectly acceptable. You’re basically spending these days preparing your mind and soul for the new moon. View it like a warm up!

Night of the New Moon Meditations

For this night, it is definitely best to be outside or at least somewhere where you can see up to the sky and the stars can shine down on you. If the weather is awful or you don’t have the option of being outside, not to worry, the energy you receive won’t be less. If you are staying inside then a new moon guided meditation may work better for you to help focus your mind on the event of the new moon.  A new moon meditation script can also be used.

Below the New Moon

For those of you who are outside, you can take advantage of what you can see in the sky. As long as the sky is clear and the light pollution isn’t too high, you will be able to see more stars than ever before. Start your new moon meditations the same way you would any other meditation. It is advisable to be lying down or be in a reclined position. Once you feel like you’re in a trance like state, you can begin to focus on the sky. Look at the stars, focus on them, feel their energy.

Final Moments

You should be able to feel the energy from the new moon. You may even be able to see it. It won’t be lit up but if you look for a circular dark spot, that’s the moon blocking out the stars. Focus your attention on it and embrace the coming energy. Again, no need to meditate for any prolonged length of time. Just as long as you feel is necessary. You may find, however, that once you’re finished you want to just stare up at the night’s sky. This is completely natural as you will feel more at one with the universe, so staring out at it will feel more captivating.

Full Moon Meditation Script

A similar sort of energy and meditation can take place during a full moon. You will find a similar full moon meditation script easily online. The only real difference will be the light from the moon.

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