Energy clearing: Prayer for Positive Energy

prayer for positive energy

We’ve all felt the downward pull of negative energy at one time or another. Sometimes there is no real cause and our energy switches as the day go on. Other times, we have to take an active role in clearing our energy of negativity and replacing it with positive energy.

There are even times that it isn’t our individual body that is the source but it is, in fact, our house. This article will look at energy clearing: both a prayer for positive energy and prayers to remove negative energy. It will also look at prayer to remove negative energy from home through a house clearing prayer.

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Do you need an Energy Clearing?

So how do you know when you need to use a prayer for positive energy? The truth is there’s nothing to stop you from using it whenever you feel remotely clouded by negative energy.

You may feel completely weighed down to the point of struggling to get out of bed in the morning. Alternatively, you may just feel a slight burden of negative energy.

Don’t feel that you have to wait until you’re at your lowest to use a call for positive energy. In fact, regular energy clearing is a healthy practice to get into.

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Prayers to get rid of Negative Energy

So you’re probably hoping for a list of prayers to get rid of negative energy. The truth is, despite many websites claiming to have such prayers, there’s no reason to use them.

Instead, rather than learning a bunch of words that somebody else has probably made up on the spot, this article will show you how to reach out to higher beings in order to receive aid in energy clearing.

You can view this as a cleansing prayer for negative energy if you’d like but it’s more of a spiritual cleanse than a simple prayer.

Removing Negative Energy from Yourself

We will look at prayer to remove negative energy from your home shortly but first, we’ll look at removing it from yourself. To do this, you’re going to reach out to some higher beings.

This could be angels, guardian angels, archangels, or perhaps some other spiritual being you have reached out to before. The easiest way to do this is through meditation.

Simply begin to meditate and wait until you’ve reached your trance-like state. If you haven’t meditated before then the trick is to focus on your breathing.

Follow each breath as it comes and goes, notice where one ends and the next begins.

Cleansing Prayer for Negative Energy

Simply focus on whatever being you chose to ask for help. Imagine yourself sitting opposite them at a table or next to them on a bench or that you’re leaving them a voicemail. Explain to them how you feel.

If you have noticed certain negative traits creeping forward due to the negative energy within you then go into detail about that. Tell them about anything in your life that is stressing you out or making you feel guilty or angry.

The trick here is to get everything off your chest that could be the source of the negative energy and through this, you and your spiritual guardians can work through it.

Prayers for Positive Energy VS Prayers to get rid of Negative Energy

You may be wondering if there is much of a difference between prayers for positive energy, prayers for energy clearing, and prayers for removing negative energy.

The truth is that they are all one and the same which is why this prayer technique is more effective and more personal than using set prayers.

Not everyone will have the same level of positive energy or negative energy so one prayer is never going to work for everyone.

You can view it as a prayer for positive energy if you wish as this technique is a form of energy clearing and a prayer for positive energy that basically flushes out the negative and replaces it with the positive.

Prayer for positive energy: House Clearing Prayer

Sometimes clearing your own energy through prayer for positive energy isn’t enough. Every once in a while your house gathers negative energy that in turn affects you.

You can use prayer to remove negative energy from home but that only deals with the symptom rather than the cause. Using a house clearing prayer is like taking a painkiller for a sore foot instead of removing the nail from your shoe.

However, you can always use prayer to remove negative energy from home on top of these other methods if you wish to be extra diligent.

Fill your House with Positive Energy

It’s best to save your call for positive energy or house clearing prayer until after you’ve done a couple of these methods to avoid wasting the positive energy they provide.

There are some simple steps that you may not have considered. A dirty and messy house is a swamp of negative energy. Give your house a clean, open some windows, light some candles or incense to really set a good base level.

Drain the swamp of negative energy and prepare to fill it with positive energy. The next thing you want to do is add beacons of positive energy such as a crystal ball or some smaller crystals.

You’ll probably already feel like the energy within your house is more positive but if you want to be sure, you can take this moment to perform a prayer for positive energy or a house clearing prayer.

Follow the same steps as before but instead of asking for your own body and soul to be cleansed, tell your guardians that your prayer for positive energy is for your house.

Ask for the white light of purity to be brought down to cleanse whatever negative energy may remain.

Staying on Top of Negative Energy

You can perform either of these methods whenever you feel it is necessary. However, the best thing to do is find the source of the negative energy. If you have a conflict with someone, resolve it.

If you have a piece of furniture soaked in negative memories, replace it. Open your curtains when you wake up in the morning rather than blocking out the natural positive energy of sunlight.

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