Red Aura meaning and its main traits

Red Aura Guide

The color of an aura can reflect some interesting information about any given person. Whether you can see a blue aura, red aura, green aura, yellow aura, or any other color of the aura meaning, each can tell you something slightly different. However, certain colors also appear in various shades which can complicate matters slightly.

So what does the color red mean? In this article, we’re going to explore the Red Aura Guide as well as look at the specific shades of red that an aura can appear in. We’ll start off by covering the basics of what auras are and the aura colors meaning.

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Insights about your Red Aura Meaning

Just in case you are new to the idea of auras, we’re going to take a moment to briefly cover what they actually are. Auras surround all living things. Although they are typically invisible to the naked eye, you can learn to see auras and the colors that they display.

But what do they actually do? Auras play an important role in our spiritual health. Their function is to deflect the negative energy that we come across on a day-to-day basis. Auras can’t deflect all negative energy but depending on their strength, certain aura colors can deflect more than others.

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So what are the aura color meanings?

Typically, the color of an aura can reflect certain traits that that aura or those people possess. For example, you typically find that lighter colors deflect negative energy more successfully than darker colors (although there are many exceptions to this).

The color and strength of an aura are influenced by a number of different factors including health, diet, time spent in nature, spirituality, mindset, and more. Now that we’ve covered the basics of what auras are and what their color can represent, let’s move on to look at the red color meaning.

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What does red mean spiritually?

To really understand the meaning of the red aura, it is important to understand the spiritual meaning of colors and all their different shades. Auras are not the only spiritual forms that “come” in different colors. Now, each color of the rainbow also corresponds to a different chakra, and red is the color of the first chakra.

As auras reflect our physical and spiritual state, in essence, having a red aura, it is an undeniable sign that this chakra of the same color is dominant. Known as the base chakra, the red chakra is connected to the coccyx, the last bone in the spinal cord.

The red chakra is connected to emotional and physical strength, which can manifest itself in many different ways. So, how does this manifest in your life? It depends on the shadow.

What shade of red is your aura?

The red energy symbolizes a place of passion and ego, but that passion can manifest itself as love or hate, and that ego can sometimes be benefited but not always.

Generally, the color red means that you are deeply connected to your physical reality and live in the moment, feeling your emotions intensely and developing a strong sense of yourself. But this ambiguous energy can influence its position on the spectrum and different shades of red.

You can find out here the color and tone of your aura. When it comes to the red aura, we need to explore the main shades as well as some general points that are usually exhibited by all the shades of red.

We’ll take a look at the dark red, murky red, bright red, and pure red. Generally speaking, you can view darker shades as representing a more negative personality while lighter shades represent a more positive, spiritual personality.

Don’t make the mistake of viewing negativity as being the same as evil. People can have negativity in their lives through no fault of their own. We’ll cover this in more depth as we explore the different shades of the red aura.

Murky Red

Murky red is slightly different from a dark red aura. Murky red appears dark but the actual redness of the color can still be bright or pure; it’s just that it’s surrounded by darkness, which quite accurately depicts the personality and energy levels of people with this shade.

Their natural state isn’t one of negativity; you could say that they share the personality traits of a bright red or pure red personality but that they are wrapped in a cocoon of negative energy. They are caught somewhere between a positive state and a negative state which makes them seem troubled.

Those with a murky red aura aren’t as out of reach as those with a dark red shade. If you or a friend is displaying this shade of aura, you should find a peaceful spot outside in nature and simply spend some time there.

You need to release as much of your negative energy as you possibly can and the best way to do this is by filling yourself up with natural, positive energy. Swimming in natural bodies such as lakes or rivers will work perfectly and after doing this just once, you’ll notice that life seems a little brighter.

Dark Red Aura

Unlike the murky red shade, the dark red aura does reflect a dark mental, emotional, and spiritual state. It’s important not to blame the individual as it isn’t necessarily their fault. Past trauma is one of the main reasons that people cling to negative energy and are incapable of ever letting it go.

People with this dark shade of red have been soaking in this negative energy for a long time and as such, they will struggle to notice any issues themselves. They will be angry, selfish, hostile, and maybe even violent. Even though they may still have friends, they will typically spend most of their time on their own.

Stress is a major component of this shade of aura and as such, the best thing you can do for such a person finds a way to help them release stress. If possible, you would take the same approach as with the murky red shade: exploring nature.

However, these individuals are a lot less likely to have the desire to go out into nature. They prefer being in the comfort of their own home, typically locked away in their room where nobody can disturb them.

Instead, simply find ways to talk to them and get them to express some of their negative and positive emotions. Find out what is stressing them out and find out what makes them happy in life.

Bright Red Aura

Bright reds can also be described as pale reds, depending on the level of white color within them. They even sometimes appear to be pinkish. This shade of red aura represents positive energy and as such, a positive personality.

These individuals see the natural wonder in the world and are always eager to spread joy, happiness, and laughter. It takes a lot of stress to break someone with this shade of aura as they handle stress in an incredible manner. This is due, in part, to their aura’s ability to reflect high levels of negative energy.

These people are often compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive. They won’t necessarily have a large friend group but very few people dislike them. They are driven by simple goals such as making someone smile or getting the perfect gift for a friend’s birthday.

They are also naturally spiritual and will be drawn towards spiritual practices such as meditation, religion, astronomy, astrology, and others.

Pure Red Aura

The pure red aura is a little more intense than the bright red shade. People with this color of the aura are incredibly energetic and outgoing. They strive to be popular: not because their ego demands it, but rather because they naturally absorb the positive emotions given off by their friends and family.

They will regularly throw parties and organize events, usually with large groups of people. They are also great motivators due to their determined mindset and friendly disposition. Don’t be surprised to find them training people in the gym or out on the football field.

There is a downside to this shade of red though. The pure red aura may be reflective of natural energy but that constant need to entertain and befriend people can become truly exhausting, for everyone.

Friends will grow tired of attending the same party over and over again and they will feel intimidated by the constant state of motivation and determination, feeling inadequate in comparison.

If you have this shade of red, take some time to explore spiritual pursuits and you will find that this balances out your energy levels more evenly across the mind, body, and soul.

Love and Relationships

Relationships, particularly where love is involved, are an interesting topic when it comes to the Red Aura Guide. It is often described as a sexual aura given that their levels of compassion and natural energy lead to blossoming relationships.

People want to be around the natural energy that such a person gives off and will find they feel more youthful and vibrant, regardless of their age. This means that someone with a pure red aura is likely to attract partners who are older than they are.

However, the drive for attention can put a strain on any relationship and this is particularly true when it comes to the pure red aura. They are naturally flirty creatures and this can lead to negative emotions from their partner such as jealousy and contempt.

Communication is the solution to this problem. If you or your partner displays a pure red shade then simply discuss anything and everything that concerns you within the relationship. Don’t allow negative emotions to fester. Instead, bring them to the light and deal with them head-on.

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