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4 Pieces of advice to attract luck into your life

4 Pieces of advice to attract luck into your life

I learned to understand others by listening to them. And it’s by listening to them that I understood some were lucky while others were not. Luck, with few exceptions, will not come on its own; it has to be thought out, it has to be activated, it has to be earned. So here’s why you should and can be hopeful: it is possible to attract luck to you! Here are 4 pieces of advice to attract luck into your life …

4 Pieces of advice to Attract Luck into your Life

You will see that you yourself might have some similar ones. And it is true that sometimes we do need to have the hear the truth in other persons words:

Tip #1: go out, meet people and exchange with them !

Don’t wait for luck to knock on your door. Even if it can happen, you have to admit that you will make it happen more easily if you go out.

An example? No one wins the lottery by lying in bed dreaming of hitting the jackpot!

So, go out, speak, smile, exchange. Every day, destiny places someone in your way that can bring joy and happiness.

Luck must be sought after.

Tip #2: open your eyes, listen to your heart

Unlike what some people think, we are not programmed to be unhappy! On the contrary, there is – deep within us – enough consciousness and intuition to catch happiness when it passes by.

But most of the time, we keep our eyes closed. Get into the habit of looking around you: every day holds an opportunity that can be seized to be happy and lucky.

Tip #3: Attract luck by chasing darkness away and by making light settle in!

Imagine that you have to climb to the top of a mountain with a big backpack filled with stones: it would be a tough task, wouldn’t it?

Now, imagine climbing that mountain without this heavy backpack…

I’m using these metaphors to explain that the past, and most especially its dark side, makes it harder for you to meet with luck.

Leave your bad memories, your bitterness, your resentment behind. Why? Because only a positive attitude can bring about positive things! The past is past.

Look forward: the future is radiant!

Tip #4: believe, see and persevere!

To capture luck, you must believe… Believe in your ability to catch it! Keep faith!

Believe in your future and visualize it: every night before you go to sleep. Every morning when you wake up, “see” what you most long for, see what you want to have!

Don’t wait for a miracle to occur. Believe in your ability to generate luck. If it doesn’t come your way straightaway and if you endure setbacks, remain positive: I promise you it will come!

You have to believe in yourself!

As you may see, nothing of extraordinary on  those 4 Pieces of advice to attract luck into your life. So, start when ever possible and enjoy all the good things that Life will offer you.

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