The meaning behind an Indigo Aura!

Indigo Aura

Aura colors and their various shades, each with a slightly different meaning, can become a little confusing when you first start learning about them. Understanding the difference between a red aura and a blue aura is one thing but understanding the difference between an Indigo aura and a dark blue aura is another.

In this article, we are going to focus on just one color: an indigo aura. We’re going to take a look at the various shades that this aura can appear in as well as looking at an overview of the color itself.

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What is an Aura?

Before we can start exploring the indigo aura meaning we have to have a full understanding of what an aura is and why its color reflects aspects of who we are as individuals.

Auras aren’t unique to humans; in fact, they surround all living things in the universe, including spiritual beings such as angels. But what is an aura?

To put it simply, an aura is a spiritual shield or force field that works to allow positive energy in and keep negative energy out. Unfortunately, our auras don’t work at 100% efficiency 24/7. Our auras are influenced by our way of life.

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Someone who stays active eats healthily stays involved in spiritual and/or religious practices, and leads a moral life will have a stronger, more functional aura than somebody who doesn’t.

Color, in many ways, represents the power of any given aura with white being the most powerful and black being the weakest (generally speaking).

Understanding Indigo

All the aura colors that come in between offer insights into a person’s life such as whether they are spiritual or in touch with nature. So let’s take a look now at the indigo aura personality and what it means.

Each aura color meaning can depend highly on the shade of that color. If we use the indigo aura as an example, you typically get two shades of this one color: dark indigo and light indigo.

With auras, it’s rarely as clear-cut as one being positive and the other being negative but in this case, that’s almost exactly what it means.

We’ll explore this idea in more depth as we look at each shade individually but the simple way to remember them is that the lighter indigo shade represents a purer spirit while a darker one represents the opposite.

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General Overview

There are some general points that apply to both of the shades though. This color is most commonly associated with indigo children and one of the indigo children traits happens to relate to their gifts.

Children, particularly young children, who display an aura of this color will likely be gifted with spiritual or even psychic abilities. This could be something simple such as being more in touch with their own spirituality than other children.

Alternatively, it could be that they are clairvoyant or another skill of a similar level. The indigo meaning, at least in relation to personality, is one of fearlessness and courage.

People displaying this rather rare aura color don’t fear death or any other outcome because they understand that the universe is immense and vast and that their role in it may be minuscule, perhaps even non-existent.

However, their personalities also allow them to feel comfortable, perhaps even safe, while isolated from others. Both of these traits can lean more into the positive or the negative, something that we will take a look at now.

Dark Indigo Aura

We’ll start off by exploring an aura with a darker shade of an indigo aura. This could simply be dark-colored or it may actually have patches of pure black within it. The dark indigo color meaning speaks of trauma, regret, and misery.

These all sound like extreme examples but if someone is displaying this shade of indigo then it means that their gifts and talents are being held back by themselves or their past.

This could be a traumatic experience or it could be that they walked down the wrong path at some stage in their life and are now lost. Even without being able to see the color of their aura, you could probably spot one of these individuals.

They enjoy being alone and use that time to search for themselves. They are the type of people to go rock climbing or mountain biking but not as a social activity but rather to push themselves.

Their lack of fear can be a positive thing but when isolated it can be dangerous for them. If you or a friend displays this color of indigo, the best thing you can do is try to include at least one other person in your activities.

Gradually becoming more social will allow the positive energy of others to flow through you.

Light Indigo Aura

On the other hand, a light indigo aura is much more positive. These individuals have fully embraced their natural gifts and abilities. Many of them will go into religious or spiritual fields in order to expand their knowledge and in turn share it with others.

They will often take part in charity work and will always have a strong gut feeling about who needs their help most urgently. Although they do enjoy spending time alone, it’s often used as a time for meditation or investigation.

Those with this shade of an indigo aura will excel both academically and socially without little effort if any at all. They aren’t primarily social creatures but they fall right into place when the moment asks for it. One flaw of this aura color is that these individuals can hold onto the past.

If they don’t confront their issues then the color of their aura will darken. Eventually, they will find themselves in the other category and from there it’s only a short distance to having a completely black or dark aura. It is at times like this when having close friends can come in particularly handy.

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