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Crystals for Protection

There are so many different types of crystal, with each one often coming in a variety of different colors. How can anybody possibly know which crystals to choose? When you’re looking for crystals for protection, there are some that should stand out to you more than others. We’re going to discuss the importance of resonance when choosing a crystal for protection. We’ll then go on to list some of the most common protective crystals with a brief explanation for why you might choose that specific one. We’ll start by discussing resonance.

Compatible Frequencies

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘resonance’, we’re going to take a moment to discuss it. If you were to google the term, you’d get a simple definition and a complicated physics definition, both relate to sound and the types of vibrations it causes. In relation to crystals, we can consider resonance to be the type of vibrational energy that any crystal possesses and gives off.

Each crystal will hold a different resonance or vibrational energy level to another. It’s because of this that different crystals offer different benefits in relation to how they interact with your energy.

When you’re trying to find a crystal the resonates with you, don’t trust what somebody else says. Until such a time as you physically interact with the crystal, you’ll be completely unaware of how compatible your vibrational energy levels will be. This is particularly true of crystals for protection as the less compatible the resonance, the less protection it will offer.



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What crystal protects from negative energy?

Crystals for protection can help us and provide spiritual protection in many ways. A good example is the negative thoughts of the toxic people around us. Emotions like jealousy and anger can make you feel heavy, exhausted and restless. Without spiritual protection, these energies can be difficult to shake.

Environments, where stress abounds, can have a similar effect. People have different temperaments and negative and even bad attitudes in airports, queues, and shopping malls. Certain crystals can help us in relief by protecting you from these negative thoughts.

Healing crystals can also protect you in more esoteric environments. In astral travel, for example, some stones prevent malevolent spirits or spiritual attachments. The right crystals can also protect your aura and prevent psychic attacks.

With that in mind, we’re going to explore some of the most commonly used crystals for protection. As we discuss the reasons why you might choose each one, keep the concept of resonance in your mind. Just because a crystal works well with one person, doesn’t mean you’ll instantly have the same reaction to its power.

The best Crystals for Protection

When looking at crystals for protection, you’ll find that each one offers protection in a different manner, something that we’ll see as we explore our first crystal for protection.


The Amethyst is an incredibly popular and common crystal. You’re probably familiar with its deep purple color which offers the violet ray to those who possess it. The amethyst holds gentle and supportive energy. It won’t give you a rapid boost in positive energy, but it will actively work to convert negativity into positivity.

Many people choose to keep some form of amethyst in their home. You can carry it on your person, but since its energy is slow-moving and constant, having a large chunk of amethyst can keep your home free of negative energy. So, if you’ve had a hard day at work or find that your life has entered a state of stress, at least you can return home to a place of positive energy and allow your negativity to be smoothed away.

Black Obsidian

When it comes to crystals for protection, black obsidian is one of the best, but for a rather sinister reason. Imagine you wanted to protect a planet from asteroid impacts, so you stick a small black hole to the side of the solar system. That’s essentially the role that black obsidian plays. Rather than giving energy out, it pulls energy in. This is particularly true if the stone is carved into a sphere. Crystal balls usually release energy in all directions, so as you may imagine, black obsidian pulls it in from all directions, making it the perfect catcher of negative energy.

Some people choose to wear small black obsidian necklaces or bracelets made up of tiny black obsidian spheres, but similarly to the amethyst, you’ll find that these protective crystals work better in your home. From there, they can continually get rid of negative energy, even when it comes home with you.


The third of the protection crystals that we’re going to look at is Shungite. When it comes to spiritual protection, shungite might not be the first crystal for protection that your mind turns to. That’s because it offers protection in a slightly different way, one that is particularly useful and necessary in the modern world. There aren’t many protection crystals that work against electromagnetic frequencies, but shungite is one of them.

How many rooms in your home or work contain at least one device that uses electromagnetic frequencies? Cell phones, laptops, computers, iPads, Wi-Fi routers, certain watches, and any other modern tech constantly bombards us with electromagnetic frequencies. You can buy shungite in a pyramid shape which is particularly useful against this threat, but it also works well as a necklace or bracelet.

Lapis Lazuli

If amethyst and black obsidian protect us from negative energy, and shungite helps protect us from electromagnetic frequencies, then what can Lapis Lazuli do? Positive thought patterns can alter the world around us, influencing the way we interact with one another and ourselves. Unfortunately, this means that negative thought patterns can have a similar impact, and that’s exactly where lapis lazuli comes in.

Its primary protective function comes in the form of blocking negative thought patterns. If you’re spiraling into a negative space because of one thought, or the negative intentions of others is beginning to negatively impact your life, then carrying around a lapis lazuli stone is the best way to protect yourself.

Unlike the other crystals that we’ve mentioned, you do not want to leave this one at home. It functions best when kept on your person, ideally in contact with your skin.

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