Galactic Angel and Your Galactic Star Family

galactic angel

Do you ever feel that you have some galactic beings or a galactic angel in your team of angels when you call upon them for help? If you do, they are known as a galactic family or a star family. Learn more about them here…

Your Galactic Angel Family

Stars are what you see in the sky every day, and everyone has some link to these stars. People who tend to remember this connection are referred to as Starseeds.

Star family is the family you have that consists of Galactics, Arcturians, Sirians, or Pleiadeans. You do not need to know where your galactic origins begin from as it is not necessary and does not have any significance. However, if you feel like you have a real deep connection with the stars and that your root origin lies within the stars, then it is very likely for you to have a galactic family.

Galactic angels are the angels that help, guide, and assist you in your life as your originality belongs to the galactic life. Being Starseeds, or otherwise known as ascended human beings, you are at a benefit to connecting with your galactic family of light. They are blessed with Divine light and crystalline Divine consciousness.

Walking on the ascension path, it is very vital for you to be connected with your galactic angel and your galactic family who have already crossed the 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th-dimensional existence planes. They will help you raise your vibration and be existence in the higher dimensions.

The Unprecedented Opportunity

Considering yourself to be inferior just because your own galactic family has a higher ascension rate should not be your approach to life. You belong to the same family and should not consider yourself inferior. It is never too late to learn or to improve. Also, they are your family members who will help you raise your vibration to their level when you need them to; they will not leave you or let you down.

The opportunity for you to become divine humans in the physical world is at your footsteps. It is a matter of realizing that and moving towards higher dimensions to reach the goal. The new awakened Earth requires light to be shed on it, and this is referred to as the Golden Age. This is the opportunity we as humans have with the help of the galactic angel and your galactic family of light.

How to Connect with Your Galactic Family?

The way you connect with angels is the way you can connect with your galactic family as well. The way to do this is to let your heart expand, increase the vibrational frequency of your body, mind, and soul, and let yourself be raised to the higher dimensional star beings.

Once you have raised yourself high up to that level, there are several approaches you can take to connect with the galactic family of yours. Dreams are a very common way to do this; just the way Angels use dreams as a communication channel, your galactic family can do so too. Telepathy is another very commonly used tool for connection with the galactic beings. Materializing as a lightship is also a way, however rather less used, it can be used to reap benefits of connecting with your galactic family.

What Blocks Your Connection?

What do you think can block your connection to anything? The answer is very obvious – FEAR! If you are to decide life and if you are fearful, you will never lead yourself on the road to success or happiness. Thus, fear is the element that blocks your potential connection with your star family as well.

Doubt, insecurity, and lower level of emotion are all things that can potentially block your ability and capability to establish a strong connection with your galactic angel or your star family.

You need to call your family to make a connection with them so that you can communicate through a medium or channel. It is very important for you to let go of the element of fear that resides inside you. If you try and connect with them with fear, they will reject the offer and not connect with you because the negative energy associated with fear limits your potential and limits your growth.

Let Go of the Fear

You need to be bold and outright. Being fearful will lead you nowhere, if anywhere at all. Your star family and galactic angel want to help you ascend to a higher state of consciousness. Thus, you need their help, guidance, and assistance. But with fear in your heart and mind, that can’t be possible. The fear will have a negative impact on the intentions of your star family wanting to help you vibrate at higher dimensional energies.

Let go of the fear, cleanse your energy. And get rid of the lower vibrational frequencies inside your body that are acting as a block restricting you to move to higher vibrational frequencies.

Undergoing a full emotional cleansing process is a good approach or calling upon your galactic angel to help you with the process of cleansing is a good way to make a strong connection. When the lower levels of energy are wiped off, you automatically rise to higher levels of vibration.

The Way to Connect

To connect, you need a good intention, a pure heart, and a focused, fear-free mind. You make a small prayer like talk asking your galactic angel and galactic family to connect with you and your guides. Even looking up at stars is a method of connection however not very effective and efficient.

You need to thank the galactic angel for being there with you all the time to help, guide, and assist you in your life every step of the way.

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