The Pure Magic of Palo Santo and How to Use it in Your Spiritual Practice

Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a wild tree that grows in Mexico. It means “Holy Wood”. Now, that sounds special, does it not? It has many healing and spiritual properties that can benefit you in many ways.

Palo Santo benefits

Still not sure of how wonderful of wood Palo Santo is? You will want to have it with you at all times after knowing what I am about to tell you. To deal with negativity, you have all kinds of ways, from crystal gridding to burning sage.

Might be a surprise, but it is a very old remedy for spiritual cleansing. It is used as a South American medicine; which is used as an intense as well.

Ceremonial benefits

Having ceremonies in the open is a very common way to perform ceremonies. By burning the Palo Santo, the smoke helps in keeping away mosquitoes and other insects that can cause disturbance amongst the guests in ceremonies.

People in Ecuador and Peru mainly use it. It is also said that it helps in making our minds creative and brings good fortune to those people who use its magic to reap the benefits it provides.

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Healing benefits

It can cure common colds, flu, and stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, and many more illnesses. The oil generated from its tree can be used to massage which acts as a great stress reliever.

It is also a great remedy to calm your immune system and nervous system; when you are ill. During the time that you get sick, your immune system gets affected. It can be used for faster recovery of your immune system so that it gets healed faster and you get back to your normal health.

Not only that, but patients with cancer can also use medicine generated from the Palo Santo tree which can help in the process of treating cancer.

How to use it?

To use a certain thing, you should know exactly how it is used to get the maximum benefit out of it. Its tree provides energetic protection, removes the negativity from your surroundings, raises your spirit, and fills your home with blessings.

The steps of how to use it are given as follows:

  • Burn the stick that you have;
  • Wait for the stick to catch fire and let it burn for at least 30 seconds;
  • Then blow out the stick so that the fire goes off and all that comes out of the stick is the smoke;
  • Next, say it out loud or silently, it does not matter, “I want the spirit of the Palo Santo to infuse its blessings in the space where I take the stick.”;
  • To fill the space around you with blessings, start at your main door, and walk with the stick in hand, in a clockwise manner to places where you want the blessings to be;
  • If you want yourself to be blessed, let the area around you be filled with its smoke;
  • When you are done, place the stick in a fireproof container; preferably of metal, glass, or clay. The stick is not entirely used after this remedy; it can be relit many times before the user has been maximized. So, do not throw away the stick just yet!

As you just read, the process of blessing yourself is not a very tedious one. All you need is to take out a bit of time, and you would be surrounded by blessings.

Palo Santo Tree

This tree can be found living in the museum at Galapagos Island. It is very often called a “Holy Stick,” not only because of its physical structure but also because of the scent that you get when you burn it and the scent from its branches.

You do not need to buy scented candles (which can cost you a bunch) when you have the Palo Santo to burn and scent your surroundings.

Many use the scent to get rid of bad karma and negative energies dwelling around you. Therefore, if you think that you have bad karma around you, you should use it. Its tree has anti-bacterial characteristics that can be used to keep away insects and flies.

The oil generated from its tree can be used for many purposes. It can be used for massage and can be used in cosmetics. The oil used for a massage does not only provides great relaxation, but the scent of it will light up your mood. For cosmetics, it can enhance your skin.

With so many different kinds of benefits, you must be provoked to at least give it a try and see how it works its magic to benefit you. Whether you want to use it for spiritual purposes, healing purposes, or to bless yourself, that’s up to you. However, with so many benefits that it provides, it is very handy to keep it with you. Does not require much effort to keep a stick in your pocket at all times. Or does it? That’s for you to decide.

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