Types of Love – 7 Insights into Love from Ancient Greece

types of love

Love… what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word LOVE? Emotions? Feelings? Intimacy? All these things are normal, but have you ever thought about types of love? Are there any, or is it just that you are unaware of them? If you want to know about them, there are seven types of love which have been explained here in detail for you.

Who Does Love Apply To?

Love is a feeling that can be attached to a thing, person or human. When you say, “I love you” to a person, it can mean different things to different people. Not only can you love people, but you can also love things such as specific fruits, or toys, or anything.

For different people, love will have a different meaning. But, many people will not know the type of love they feel for that person or thing.

To feel love for someone or something is as normal as feeling hate for someone or something. Both are feelings; everyone possesses them at certain stages of their life.

Types of Love

There are 7 different Greek forms of love which are explained in detail here:

  1. Eros – Love of the body

For the Greek, EROS was the type of love that was used to describe sexual attraction for other human beings. In the very pure form, Eros is the sexual desire that a person possesses.

In the modern world, it is known as romantic love. When you hear, or talk, about romance, it means that you are referring to Eros – the romantic type of love.

Eros keeps the relationship fresh and full of excitement while being in its purest form.

  1. Philia – Affectionate Love

Affection is usually confused with love. Affection is the mere feeling of fondness or liking. This kind of love is felt for friends and family. It can’t be used for the love you have for your partner.

For the Greek, Philia was above Eros. Philia is the type of love which does not include physical attraction. This has more to do with loyalty and a sense of being one; just like a team.

After going through a tough time with someone, if you still feel love for them, then this is Philia – the affectionate love.

  1. Storge – Love of the Child

Being the love of the child, Storge is one of the 7 types of love that only parents can have for their kids. It has the characteristics of acceptance, sacrifice, and forgiveness. These are the characteristics that only parents can possess when it comes to their children.

It is through this love that children receive endless, unconditional love; security, and safety. All the feelings that a child has of love, when he is young, is though this type of love.

This love of the child does not include physical attraction and is linked to the Heart Chakra.

  1. Agape – Selfless Love

Known as the “Universal Love,” Agape is the love that we have for humanity, the Divine, and mother Earth. The way to tune into Agape is through meditation; which requires you to be in a place where you feel most comfortable and at peace. It helps you to walk on your spiritual path by awakening your intuition.

This is the type of love that angels bless us with when we call upon them for help, guidance, or assistance. It makes us more aware of our surroundings while teaching us the importance of the love for humanity, Mother Earth, and the Divine.

It can socially, environmentally, and psychologically bind you together.

  1. Ludus – Playful Love

Flirting and seduction are very common in the modern days. Thus, if you see someone flirting with another, or trying to seduce another person, you should immediately know that the type of love involved in its actions is Ludus.

When a new relationship starts, there is a sort of playfulness between the partners. It may be in the form of teasing, flirting, butterflies in the stomach, or just mere euphoria.

Despite its initiation, long-term relationships also require Ludus to be a major part of the relationship. Without Ludus, the relationship would be very boring and hard to carry along. It is the hidden secret to keep your love fresh and exciting.

  1. Pragma – Long Lasting Love

For couples that have been together for many years, Pragma is the type of love that exists between them. Pragma is one of the 7 types of love that requires time to develop. Thus, for short-term relationships, you will never see Pragma exist.

Pragma can’t exist in the short run; it needs time to nurture and form.

This type of love is rare to find in the modern world as the society emphasizes on finding love but not on how to maintain and nurture it.

Pragma requires effort from both sides; just one partner putting in all the effort will never help. To better understand it the saying is “STANDING IN LOVE,” rather than “FALLING IN LOVE.”

  1. Philautia – Love of the Self

When you feel like you have a purpose and you belong somewhere, you experience the Greek form of love known as PHILAUTIA.

To walk on the path for which you were sent on Earth, you need to believe in yourself. Philautia makes it possible for you to do that.

It can be healthy or unhealthy. Healthy is when you feel confident and feel self-worth. However, unhealthy results from fame, over confidence, and access to too much wealth.

For you to love others, you need first to learn to love yourself – that is what Philautia teaches us. You need to learn to unconditionally love yourself first if you want to feel the same for someone else.
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