White Sage Smudging to cleanse your aura and space

white sage

It is a plant found in high desert ecosystems and grows commonly in the Mountain West and California. Sage smudging is one of the purest and ancient techniques of cleansing a person, a person, or space.

Although Native American white sage smudging is the most popular form of it currently, it has nonetheless been used in other cultures as well.

What is White Sage used for?

For thousands of years, white sage has been believed to be a blessed, sacred, cleansing, cathartic, purifying, and protective plant.

Its leaves are whitish light green, and if the leaves are rubbed between the thumb and forefinger, you feel a revitalizing, cleansing, and refreshing fragrance is released.

You encounter negative energy in all aspects of your life, and while your aura does an excellent job of blocking it, sometimes negative energy can begin to affect your life.

White sage can be used in a variety of ways to improve the strength of your aura. Consult your Guardian Angel to learn more!

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How does Sage clear negative energy?

When you are highly sensitive, you will feel like every energy attracts you and you pick up other people’s things. If you are an empathic person, you not only sense people’s sentiments but are capable of sensing when they are in pain, physically or mentally.

If you work with happy and cheerful people, good for you! But if you stay are around negative, sad, and toxic people, you are in trouble. People who are extremely sensitive feel dazed very easily.

You can perform white sage smudging on various occasions, when you have had a rough day, after arguing, if you are feeling sad.

When you feel confused, when you just feel low on energy, when you feel astounded and when you feel negative about everything when you move into a new house or apartment, when you start a new career, when guests arrive and leave, before meditation and when coming back home from jam-packed situations.

How do you cleanse your house with white sage?

White sage smudging is when the leaves of the sage are burnt, and the smoke is focused on zones and spaces that need protection and clearing, such as your Aura.

The notion of this act is that when you burn the leaves, you are expressing gratitude for its help, the spirit of the white sage discharges its energy of clearing and protection into the air around you, or onto the item that requires clearing.

As the smoke transfers through the area or over an item, the smoke joins itself to any thick, negative energy that is inside the object, space, or being. When the smoke is cleared, the spirit of this plant transports the negative energy back to the spiritual light, and it may renew into something positive.

You can perform this smudging act on anyone or anything that needs cleansing. It can help you clear a room, a house, or any property.

How do you cleanse yourself with Sage: Three simple steps:

Use unattached dry white sage or smudge sticks. Its packs can easily be found at your local health store and herb shops or yoga healing institutions. You can also grow your sage plant and dry it out in a cool place overnight.

First step

Now, you need to place it on any heat-proof container, e.g., abalone bowls. Ignite its pack by putting a flame on it until smoke starts coming out of it. Blow any ashes and sparks out of the container.

Before you carry out this step, you must make sure that no windows or doors are open and no fan is switched on because the wind will make it burn even more.

You also need not wear nylon clothes or clothes that can easily catch fire. You will be working with fire, which can get out of hand if you are not careful.

Second step

Once you have a fine smoke coming out of the burning sage, use a feather or a hand to direct the smoke at the object or the body from head to toe, and then repeat.

One important thing about this step is that while performing the smudging, you need to imagine the smoke removing all the negative energy, darkness, and illness from your life.

Third step

When you have white sage smudged all that you needed to, come back to where you started and gently stub out your burning sage by plunging it into a bowl with sand with a little bit of pressure. When the fire is completely gone, pack everything up.

Is burning sage good for you?

This Smudging may sound and seem a bit frightening and intimidate a lot of people. People find it to be extremely dangerous, unsafe, and too complex to be performed over and over again. It is guaranteed that no one of this is true.

It is not at all complex, not tough to practice, and completely safe and harmless when you follow the 3 very easy steps we have mentioned above. What is imperative to admit, however, is that white sage smudging is an old, spiritual and blessed ceremony, so it is best that you must do it with full consciousness and in an unhurried, attentive manner.

If you follow our steps, you are assured to observe a grace of energy and serenity enter into your lives. It is an ideal way to clear the old energy and welcome the new start and all the promises it embraces.

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