Sacral Chakra Healing – The 20 Methods you should know!

sacral chakra healing

The 7 spiritual power hubs of your human body are known as chakras. They are the centers of energy that move around in your physical body. Out of these 7 chakras, there is a chakra called the “Sacral Chakra” which is the second primary chakra in the body. Each chakra is responsible for a specific trait of the human and just like that the sacral chakra is responsible for the emotional sensitivity, and creativity of you. These chakras need to be healed over the course of time. Learn all about your sacral chakra healing process and the different ways to heal it when it is out of balance.

What is the Sacral Chakra Healing?

Out of the 7 primary chakras, the sacral chakra, also known as Svadhisthana, is the second primary chakra inside your body. Located between the lower abdomen and the lower back area of your body, the sacral chakra is linked to the sexuality, sensitivity, and creativity of a person.

When this chakra is open, it provides a pathway for the energy to recreate and procreate.

The energy of this chakra allows you to let go of things and learn to move on. It helps you feel the change in your environment and your surroundings and aids the transformation that your body undergoes as time passes.

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20 Ways to Heal Your Sacral Chakra

  • You need to find time in your busy everyday schedule to do something that brings the creativity out of you. For example, you can do some art, or compose some genre of music.
  • Expose yourself to the maximum amount of water that you can. You can take a salt bath, dip your feet into the sea, swim in the pool, or even hike along a river bed. All of these will expose you more to water bodies and lead to sacral chakra healing.
  • You need to get the energy inside your body flowing. The best way to do this is to dance, dance, and dance. Let the energy flow out of your body through dancing. If you are not comfortable with dancing in front of a lot of people, you can dance at home.
  • Sitting in the moonlight at night is a great way to get sacral chakra healing as well. It is very effective and efficient!
  • You need your body to be toned, and the best way to do this is to do yoga or Pilates. They help you tone your abs and lower abdomen.
  • You should use some affirmation to tailor your second chakra such as “I am balanced.”
  • Try making art, take art classes that you might have been avoiding recently to let the creative energy flow out of your body.
  • You need to focus on work that that raises your emotional feelings in specific situations. If you think that is hard for you to do, you should give yourself the leverage to observe your surroundings and environment.
  • If you witness pain in any part of your body, just imagine sending healing energy to that part, and you will feel your pain and agony washing away slowly and gradually.
  • Keeping orange stones in your home or near you is a great and easy way for sacral chakra healing. Moonstone can also be used as it is a combination of the energy of the moon and the water which helps you connect with them.
  • You should focus on balancing out each of your 12 chakras to restore the energy of your body to its original level. If not at the original level, you will feel uneasy and uncomfortable living your life in certain situations.
  • Eating fruits like oranges, coconuts, melons, and other kinds of sweet fruits will help you heal your sacral chakra but, you must not forget to drink plenty of water with it.
  • If you have some thoughts in your mind that have been bothering you, or there is negative energy flowing through your body, you need to get rid of it. You need to visualize forgiving other people. You can always seek the help of the angels who are always available to help, guide and assist you throughout life.
  • You need to keep things that make you happy in your surroundings. For example, if stuffed toys are a source of happiness for you, keep loads of them in your bedroom.
  • Sacral Chakra Healing through essential oils is a great way for which you can use orange, sandalwood, jasmine, or geranium. You can use them on your body for fragrance in your home or your workplace.
  • You need to imagine things while you meditate. While meditating, breathe slowly and imagine an orange lotus in the area where your second chakra is placed. It will help you in healing the chakra itself.
  • If you can’t seem to trust your partner or soulmate, you need to be open about your feelings to them. Do not keep your feelings inside you, let them out as they will help you solve the problem.
  • Keeping a journal for writing prompts that can be aimed at healing your sacred chakra will help.
  • Try to leave your workplace early one day and spare all the time for yourself. Do not do any chores, forget about your responsibilities, just relax your mind and your body at the maximum level you can.
  • Hip-opening yoga poses are also a solution to a blocked sacral chakra. By releasing the tension stored up in your hip, you can achieve the sacral chakra healing.

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