Blessing your food with Light to raise its Vibration

blessing your food

When it comes to food, you wouldn’t be alone if you put convenience ahead of searching out high vibrational foods. Sometimes managing to find organic, healthy and high energy food can be a nightmare and begin to feel like a real chore. It could even be that your budget just simply doesn’t allow from what can be a more costly selection of food. We’ll take a look at light vibration as a food blessing as well as some affirmations you can use for blessing your food.

Best Case Scenario

It’s worth mentioning that while all food can be blessed in order to raise its vibrational energy level, some foods will naturally have high vibrational energy than others. You should (as much as possible) aim for these food types from the get go rather than relying on a blessing for food. Similarly, by purchasing higher vibration foods, you can bless them and they will reach higher levels than naturally lower vibrational foods. This is something you should keep in mind.

The sorts of food types you should aim for are natural greens. Anything that is healthy, doesn’t contain added additives or preservatives, isn’t covered in pesticides and other unnatural chemicals. If you can home grow you food then that is by far the best case scenario. As a general rule, you want to avoid all processed foods, anything high in sugar and substances such as alcohol or carbonated drinks. Of course this isn’t always an option for everyone and so blessing your food may be your only viable option.

Blessing of the light

One of the main and most efficient methods for blessing your food is a blessing of the light. This is a form of energy transfer where you act as a conduit between your food and the light being passed down by your angels. It’s incredibly simple to carry out. It’s up to you when you carry this out. Some people prefer to bless the ingredients before they are combined, perhaps while being washed or stored away after your visit to the shop. Other people prefer to wait until the meal is prepared so that the food is in its final state.


Perhaps the most logical point is asking for a blessing over food preparation. So while you cut your food, wash it, mix it together or cook it, you can begin blessing your food. To do this, you want to say some affirmations in your head. “Please bless my food through the power of light” is an example of a simple affirmation that is easy to remember. Repeat this either in your head or out loud as you continue your food preparation. Blessing food doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult.

Blessing your food – Energy low

You’ll begin to feel energy flow through you. Even if you can’t see it, you’ll know this energy is the power of pure white light. Direct it towards your food and acknowledge its increase in vibrational energy. Once your food is prepared, you may want to take a moment to thank your angels for the blessing. Many people say grace but if that’s not your style then perhaps simply thank the people who made this meal possible. You can say it out loud or in your head but sometimes a small acknowledgement, even if nobody else hears it, can go a long way.

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