A Guide to the Akashic Records!

Akashic Records

What is an Akashic record? Many people have heard of the Akashic records, in some form or another, but very few people have ever accessed them. The concept can be found within a variety of different cultures and even within science, there is a growing body of evidence to support the idea that these records exist. The Akashic records is a complicated subject, but we’re going to explore them in the simplest of ways before going on to consider how to access the Akashic records.

What is the meaning of Akashic Records?

‘Akashic’ is a reference to a term found within Eastern elemental systems. Within these systems, there are considered to be five main elements, four of these are extremely common: earth, air, fire, and water. The fifth is known as akasha but also goes by the name of aether or quintessence. Within the world of science, you might find this same substance being referred to as matter or space. In essence, it is the force that binds all things together and is essentially the fabric of the universe.

But what does this have to do with the Akashic record? Well, according to this idea, the events of the universe, down to every thought, emotion, action, and reaction, is recorded in some form and stored within a non-physical space that is outside time itself. By gaining access to this space, you can explore information from the past, present, or future. This can be used as a tool for understanding history or a tool for self-exploration.



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What is Akashic Records reading?

Accessing the records is a truly subjective experience. Some people report having walked into a library where they can search for the information in the same way you’d search for a book. Others have reported opening large scrolls with the intent of finding a specific piece of information, only to have it appear on the paper before them. Of course, there are modern equivalents where people are able to search electronic databases much in the same way that we use the internet today.

How we perceive the records can vary from person to person, and typically they appear in whatever manner seems most compatible with our minds/souls. We can also receive this information in different ways. As we already discussed, some people will read it on pages, being able to see the information appear like some sort of magical book. Others will feel or sense the information, almost as if they remembered it themselves. It’s like having a memory slotted into your mind. Intuition plays a large part within Akashic records.

How do you access the Akashic Records?

Before we explore some of the ways you can learn how to access the Akashic records, there are some aspects that must be understood. The first question that most people have relates to whether or not they’ll be capable of gaining access. Views on this matter may vary slightly, but it’s largely agreed that anyone, in theory, can learn to enter the archives. Nobody is forbidden or banned, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is capable of reaching them.

Akashic records are a deeply spiritual archive and it is necessary to possess a high Vibrational Energy level in order to gain access. There are many obstacles between where you are now and the records themselves, and it’s simply a fact that not everybody will be as capable of crossing these obstacles as others.

For example, anxiety or self-doubt is something that will hold you back. Akashic records won’t benefit someone who can’t trust themselves or their intuition. This is largely due to the fact that self-trust is an essential component of accessing the information, as it can present itself to you as inner-knowledge. If you find yourself turning a blind eye to your gut-instincts, you’re unlikely to benefit from the records.

Similarly, some people are simply not at the correct point within their spiritual journey. This can relate to the intention behind wishing to gain access. If there is as sub-conscious desire related to selfish or harmful uses, then the records simply won’t allow you access. That’s not to say you won’t gain access in the future, but you’ll need to work on your spirituality before then.

How can I access my Akashic Records?

Gaining access, as we’ve already discussed, won’t be for everyone. But if you feel that you’re ready to explore the records then there’s certainly no harm in trying. The process itself is spiritual in nature and so at the very least, you’ll be improving your spiritual practices. It is extremely important to manage your expectations and meditation skills.

The Steps

  • Set Your Intention: Before you do anything else, you must set up your reason for trying to access the records. Do you have a specific question in mind? Is there a specific moment in time you wish to explore? Are you just hoping to gain access so you can explore and see what turns up? No matter what your reasoning, you must make sure that the intention is clear in your mind. Some people find it helpful to write their thoughts down.
  • Find a Guide: Meditation is a useful second step. Do whatever you would usually do in order to enter a meditative state. Once there, you’re going to reach out to Akashic records guides. You may know these guides, or you may not, but call out to them from within and ask if they can lead you to the records.
  • Receive the Information: From this point, one of two things might happen, assuming that you gain access. Some of you will meet your guide or receive some sort of a signal to let you know that you’ll be given access. Alternatively, you may be directed straight to the records. Remember, the records can appear in any form, so open yourself up to receiving information and trust your intuition. If a seemingly random thought pops into your head, explore it and see where it leads.

Some people do access the records on the first try, but others will have to persist for weeks, months, or even years. Accept within yourself that it might not happen the first time.

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