Broken Crystal – Its meaning and what to do if it happens

broken crystal

Crystals are often seen as tools either for healing, communication or aiding in spiritual growth. With such important functions and considering that many crystals can be incredibly fragile, what exactly does a broken crystal mean? I

n this article, we will explore the concept of a crystal break and look at the idea of a broken crystal meaning more than it simply being damaged. 

Does a broken crystal still work?

So whether it is a broken amethyst, broken quartz or just chipped crystals in general, this article should answer all your questions. We all have a favorite crystal, one that we feel connected to and possibly even take with us on a daily basis.

After looking into it, I can remove all your concerns and worries. To make a long story short: sometimes crystal breaking just happens and we need to accept it. Are you familiar with what a broken crystal symbolizes?

We often consider the breaking of an item to be a bad thing, but there can be beauty and purpose behind the chaos, much like an exploding star. When a crystal breaks, it can have a number of different meanings depending on the conditions that led to the damage.

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Can you fix a broken crystal?

I dropped my crystal and broke it, leading me to worry that this would damage the properties of the crystal or maybe impact my own energy in a negative way. If you’ve got a broken quartz crystal then you’ve got a broken quartz crystal, nothing changes. So let’s take a look at why it isn’t the end of the world.

Your first assumption when you realize you have a broken crystal is probably that it was your fault. That at some point you must have bashed it against something or gradual wear and tear eventually caused it to chip or break completely.

We’ll start off by looking at why it might not have been your fault at all. Crystals, after all, are forms of energy storage.

A basic way of viewing them would be like spiritual batteries, like gemstones. They often charge through certain means and then we use this energy for whatever purpose the crystal is designed. Sometimes, the crystal overloads and needs to release some energy, which it can do by opening up.

Sometimes, chipped crystals can be due to the exact opposite reason: if a crystal becomes dirty (either in a physical sense or spiritual sense) it may not be able to absorb enough energy.

Sometimes the only way it can rectify this issue is by shedding some of the less clean parts of it to open up a new area, which can absorb energy at its maximum efficiency.

These types of breaks (energy overloads/underloads) are due to the pressure contained spiritually within the crystal. Think of it like blowing a balloon up too much. So you can already see that broken crystals can actually have a purpose beyond simply being damaged by the user.

Do crystals lose their energy?

Of course not, even if your crystal was damaged by you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is over. You don’t have to stop using a broken crystal; in fact, you should definitely keep using it.

This does depend on the type of break of course. For example, a chipped crystal can be used in exactly the same way. If your crystal breaks entirely in half or into two parts then that can be used in the same way also.

Alternatively, you can offer one part to someone important in your life in order to allow for a better spiritual connection to them. Perhaps a younger sibling is moving halfway around the world and you want them to have something to remember you by.

Alternatively, there are other options. If you feel that the broken crystal needs time to recover, bury it in your garden or leave it somewhere sheltered where it can receive direct sunlight.

Allowing your crystal to recharge either from the Earth or Sun ensures that several weeks later it will be functioning as if was brand new.

When Should I Replace my Crystal?

Sometimes, a crystal will become so broken that it’s no longer practical to keep it. That’s not to say that you have to throw it away though, as you can still use pieces of crystal for a variety of other uses. So, when should you throw a crystal away?

If you find that the pieces of the crystal have become sharp and dangerous, then it’s no longer safe to carry it around with you. You can always leave it in your home or simply bury it in your garden, but you should avoid wearing it or carrying it in your pocket.

Another sign is that you’ll feel less energy emanating from the crystal whenever you use it, and although this is rare, it suggests that the time has come to return the crystal to the Earth.

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