Who is my Guardian Angel and how to call him ?

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To benefit from all the happiness you have a right to expect, I will give you today a few pieces of advice. They are simple but of the utmost importance. To be properly heard, each invocation to guardian angels, whether it is secret or not, must respect 4 essential rules.

Praying to know “Who is my Guardian Angel?”

To get an answer to any question like for example “Who is my Guardian Angel?”, your mind must be freed from any material dependence and any bad feeling. How to properly get prepared?

Your heart and your body must be cleansed and pure. I advise you to wash your face and your hands before praying and don white clothes for the occasion if you can.

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Pray to your Guardian Angel in a quiet place

Prayer must be uttered in a place where you’ll be sure you won’t be disturbed. You will be able to talk to your Guardian Angel outdoors, with birds singing around you, or at home. If you choose the latter, turn off all sources of noise pollution (television set, radio, household appliances…). You can, however, put some soft music on when you say your prayer.

In the heart of nature, a question about the identity of your angel is most likely to be answered.

Invoke him with incense

Prayer must be accompanied by curls of smoke because fragrances will put you in vibratory harmony with the etheric planes. The Angels, more than any other “spirits”, are particularly sensitive to fragrances. Remember that, for them, they are “subtle vectors” enabling them to receive your requests and descend into our world to fulfill your wishes.

Do not forget your question in the invocation to guardian angels

The Invocation to guardian angels must be carried out with the greatest serenity! I recommend that you breathe deeply at least 9 times before formulating your prayer. Do not ever cross your legs or arms to allow the celestial energies to invade you. You can close your eyes to better focus on your words or fix them on the curls of incense to make them ascend more quickly to the Sky.

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