Celestite Is Your Shield against the World


The spiritual journey is a special one that only some of us get to embark upon. The journey is filled with difficulties and challenges. It can’t be completed without the assistance of our guardian angels. While this might seem absurd at first, angels are watching over us. If we can connect to them, they bestow upon us their advice. Sometimes they give us signs to follow in times of considerable confusion. Celestite, the beautiful dreamy stone, helps us connect with our angels.

Its powerful energy has a calming effect on the mind relieving it of worldly problems. Celestite crystal helps one enter a state of peace and tranquility. While you’re in this state, you get to experience love and happiness. Your soul gets cleansed of all evil. If you ever feel sad or depressed, use celestite stones to keep that sadness at bay.

Celestite meaning explained!

If you didn’t understand a concept in your physics class, you would never be able to apply it during your exam. You can try to learn it by heart, but when you’re questioned about it, often you’ll fail to make the connection. It is of vital importance that you grasp the true meaning of everything in life to be able to enjoy the true essence.



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Celestite harnesses energies that bring peace to your life. When you lay in bed at night troubled with plans for the next day or the events of the prior day, holding it in your hand will bring you comfort.

But this will only be possible if you concentrate on its true energies. You can’t just treat it as just a stone. You have to see it as a silver lining, as a light in the darkness, as the sunrise after a stormy night.

More on celestite gemstones

The moment you hold celestite in your hand, you feel an instant change in your mood. You feel lighter and happier. This doesn’t happen because the stone casts a spell on you but because you believe in the energies of the stone. Celestite metaphysical properties entail its ability to help you connect with your chakras.

It opens your soul to the wisdom that’s beyond your human mind, but which resides inside all of us. We are too lost in our world that we forget about the more significant meaning of life. Celestite stone meaning encompasses the other side of life that is often ignored. It opens up new possibilities and takes away our inhibitions. It gives us a sense of peace that helps us against the challenges that life throws our way.

Spiritual world

Celestite occupies a very prominent position in the spiritual world. It is especially known in connection with the throat and crown chakra. The stone can be used to influence the flow of energy within the body hence essentially control how you feel and react to most situations.

Celestite healing properties are famous for they ease the mind and help it enter an altered state in which you are able to connect with your inner self truly. If you have a psychic hidden inside you, celestite will help you find it. You will be able to act as a messenger for the messages from heaven above hence assisting the spread of divine light. Divine wisdom is inside all of us, but not everyone can find it.


So, the stone doesn’t transform you into a superhuman with otherworldly abilities. What it does is polish the qualities that you already have.

It helps you look deep into your soul and repair the damage and bring out your many talents. The knowledge has been with you the whole time. Celestite helps you look at it with an improved perspective.

Why should you use celestite gemstones?

One reason is how beautiful they are. They reflect the great blue sky is emitting dreamy energy. You get mesmerized by the natural texture and the gorgeous shade. Rings made with celestite stones are trendy and make you stand out where ever you go.

The stone built into a beautiful necklace hanging around your neck will make your skin pop. But other than their beautiful appearance, celestite stones do wonders for the people who use them. They help you find the best version of yourself. They act as a friend in time of need and a confidante when you need someone to talk to.

Guidance from the heavenly bodies

Instead of fighting your spouse or partner about not giving you time and attention when you need them the most, turn to your stone for guidance from the heavenly bodies above. When you’re feeling low, it will make you happy.

When you’re feeling confused, it will resolve your issues. Make it a habit to meditate with the celestite for a comfortable and relaxed life. It will not wipe away all your problems or bad memories, but it will make it easier to get through life with a renewed strength and smile on your face.

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