Cosmic Energy – A guide in how you can tap into Cosmic Energy

cosmic energy

Cosmic or spiritual energy is everywhere, but did you know that you could tap into and harness this energy? In this article, we will explore the idea of tapping into spiritual energy through the cosmos. If you’re new to the concept, we’ll answer the question: what is cosmic energy in spirituality? Along with this, we’ll look at tapping into spiritual energy through cosmic energy meditation. We’ll also explore areas such as cosmic energy meaning, cosmic energy activation as well as cosmic angels. 

What is Cosmic Energy?

So what exactly is cosmic or spiritual energy? Well, if you’re a Star Wars fan then you’ll undoubtedly be aware of “the Force”. It’s essentially the same thing: an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the universe together.

It exists in the physical world and more importantly, beyond it. Everything you are, everything the universe is or has within it has this energy. It does not matter but rather unseen energy. There is powerful cosmic energy all around you!

There are many different types of energy that you can tap into, and many of them come in the form of spiritual energy. By learning what each type of energy symbolizes, you can adapt your spiritual practices to better incorporate cosmic energy into your life, which opens to doors and opportunities.

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Is cosmic energy powerful?

Your own consciousness is the perfect example of this. When you are born, your consciousness comes into being by a spark of spiritual energy. Not to be confused with your soul or spirit which has existed long before and after this lifetime: Much in the same way that air surrounds us and we breathe it in, spiritual energy surrounds us and we’re capable of tapping to spiritual energy just like breathing in air, although perhaps with a bit more effort.

The cosmic energy meaning is perhaps more obvious than you may think. It’s about life. Only through this energy can we achieve higher levels of spirituality and achieve higher consciousness.

If you’ve been trying to expand your consciousness or ascend your spiritual awareness then you’ve definitely been accessing this energy, even if you weren’t aware of it.

It’s a power source capable of being used for healing your mind, body, and of course your spirit. It’s also used as a method of enhancing communication with higher beings. This is because accessing spiritual energy causes your own vibrational energy speed to increase.

Cosmic Energy Activation

Despite literally surrounding us and existing in everything, there are only three main ways to access spiritual energy. Cosmic energy activation isn’t a tiresome or boring experience and actually even if restoring energy wasn’t involved, these techniques would still provide your body, mind, and spirit with positive energy and feelings.

The main techniques we’ll focus on are meditation, deep sleep (and how you can better achieve it), and connecting to the raw energy of the Earth. We’ll also briefly look at the use of crystals and how they play a role in accessing this spiritual energy.

You may learn here how meditation can help you:

Cosmic Energy Meditation

You’ll be happy to hear that there is no special trick to this. Cosmic energy meditation is essentially the same as any other type of meditation.

In fact, when you’re meditating for any other purpose, you’re already accessing this energy in some form or another: whether it’s through healing, communication, or enhancing your spiritual awareness. For those of you a little unsure, here is the simplest way to do it:

As usual, find a quiet spot where you can relax and won’t be disturbed. You only need around 10 or 15 minutes to complete this technique. Start taking some deep, slow breaths. You want to focus on each one.

A good trick for this is simply to follow each breath: as you breathe in, notice where that breathing stops, and then acknowledge that you are starting to breathe out. As you reach the end of the breath out, acknowledge that you’re starting to breathe in.

Some people repeat “in, in, in” or “out, out, out” respectively in order to stay focused on the breath. If you find that your mind has wandered away from your breathing, don’t worry. Simply notice what you were thinking of and then slowly return to focusing on your breathing.

You’ll feel your body entering its meditative state. When this happens, you’re already tapping into spiritual energy around you.

However, if you want to take a more active approach you can always change your focus from your breathing to the surrounding energy. Notice how your skin feels almost electric and feel as the energy slowly builds, almost like each cell in your body is vibrating just slightly.

If it helps, reach out to cosmic angels and ask them to bestow some energy upon you.

Mother Earth and her Energy

The Earth itself provides one of the rawest forms of energy you come into contact with. This is because not only does it absorb a ton of comic energy, it actually irradiates its inhabitants with energy.

There are points that act like ponds or geysers of spiritual energy that you can find simply by escaping into nature. You’ve probably been to a waterfall or off the track into the middle of a forest or perhaps on top of a mountain.

Did you get a sudden and perhaps even overwhelming feeling of emotion? Maybe even almost euphoric happiness that stayed with you long after you left?

This is spiritual energy at play and what you’re experiencing is your own absorption of this energy but going from being similar to that of a 1.5V battery to a lightning strike, simply by entering into this area of naturally collected energy.

Embrace the Sun

It’s worth mentioning that sun exposure can be dangerous when unprotected or done for extended periods of time. However, the sun is a primal example of cosmic energy, and it’s easily the largest source of cosmic energy within our solar system (at least within the physical plane of existence).

When we live in an area with little direct sunlight, or we find ourselves trapped indoors for too long, we begin to feel lethargic, sad, tired, negative, and even depressed. But when we’re able to bask in the sun’s mighty glow, we begin to feel the opposite.

Recharge your cosmic energy by ensuring that you’re exposed to sunlight frequently. Feel the sunlight on your skin, warming you up and charging your energies, and imagine the distance that the light has traveled through the vacuum of space.

The sheer power of the sun is undeniable, and so it’s no surprise that it functions as a cosmic energy battery.

Deep Sleep

You may be surprised to see this one here but when you sleep, not like a nap or a broken sleep but a deep, deep sleep, you naturally recharge your spiritual energy. This is often because your mind can wander in your dreams and as such opens your body and soul up to any surrounding energy.

It’s also due to your mind and body being at their most intense resting phase. Most of us struggle to naturally reach this level due to noise, other people, a busy mind, electronic distractions before going to sleep, etc. One way to help with this is to use a deep sleep guided meditation or even hypnosis just to ease your mind into it.


Crystals do play a minor role in restoring spiritual energy. They themselves are like mini batteries that contain spiritual energy. It’s sort of like having a snack instead of a full meal. If, however, it’s your only option then crystals are certainly better than nothing. Just be sure to research the different types.

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