Spiritual Cleansing Shower – Meaning and what it symbolize

spiritual cleansing shower

Ever find that when you’re in the shower, your mind seems to become calm and you have the ability to produce clear thoughts or visualize more easily? There is a reason for this beyond your mind simply becoming bored. In this article we will explore the idea of a spiritual cleansing shower. We’ll also explore other options such as spiritual baths to remove negativity or the waterfall spiritual meaning and answer questions such as what does a waterfall symbolize? To start with, we’ll look at the water spiritual meaning.

The Spiritual Meaning of Water

Water has a number of properties that make it stand out within spirituality. Much of this stems from the physical properties of water. Water is cleansing, it washes away germs, it watches away dirt, and it washes away other toxins and impurities in order to leave us feeling clean. The water spiritual meaning is pretty similar to the physical meaning as it clears away negative energy. More accurately it rebalances your spiritual energy back to a neutral setting. That is why all throughout history water has played a role in washing away sins or negativity. So let’s take a look at exactly how you can use the properties of water to carry out a spiritual cleansing shower.

Carrying Out a Spiritual Cleansing Shower

Showers are often seen as revitalizing. We can wake up feeling a bit off in the morning, the weight of negative energy from the previous day perhaps holding us down a little, and then have a shower and suddenly feel like we’ve truly started a new day. This is simply the natural property of water but we can actually take this a step further and turn a normal shower into a spiritual cleansing shower. Many of us take the first steps to this entirely by accident, simply by allowing our minds to drift when we’re showing and ending up in a tranquil headspace where we consider problems or think over certain scenarios.

Carrying It Out

Once you’re in the shower you simply have to begin visualizing certain aspects of your being in order to begin your spiritual cleansing shower. This can actually be done in a number of ways and its best to sort of just go with the flow and see where your mind takes you. However, as a starting point, you’ll want to visualize yourself surrounded by a white light. View this light as an added level of cleansing for your spirit. This light will scan your body and highlight any spots where negative energy has built up. You may not see these yourself but you will feel areas become warm or cold or simply feel yourself drawn to them.

You then need to picture both the white light and the water from the shower clearing these areas. Think of it like wiping dirt from your body and the dirt simply washing away with the water, down the plughole, away from you. This is exactly what you’re doing with the negative energy: you’re returning it to the world where in time it will become converted back into neutral or positive energy. Some people make use of affirmations or even meditation techniques to really make the most out of the spiritual cleansing shower experience. You could simply use one such as “I cleanse my spirit and body of impurities and toxins”.

Spiritual Baths to Remove Negativity

Many people find that baths are a little easier to relax and get comfortable in than showers. Baths employ the same basic properties as a shower except that rather than your negative energy being washed away, you’re soaking in the cleansing water and the negativity rises up as steam and returns to the Earth in a slightly different manner. The benefit of using a bath over a shower is that it can often be more peaceful: you don’t have the crashing of water onto the floor, you can light candles, play some relaxing music and you don’t have to worry quite as much about running out of hot water.

Being in a bath also allows you to enter into a meditative state a lot easier. You don’t have to hold up your own body weight and closing your eyes can feel a lot more natural when you’re lying down rather than when you’re standing up. You have to find what feels most natural to you and go with that. Neither is better than the other as it depends entirely on your own ability to reach a state where spiritual cleansing can take place. You can employ the same techniques as the shower cleanse, simply visualize the negative energy soaking, being broken up and then rising with the steam.

Waterfall Spiritual Meaning

Baths and showers are useful for day-to-day cleansing but there is a naturally forming shower (of sorts) that is far richer in positive, natural energy and will leave you feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated than you could possibly imagine. I am of course speaking about a waterfall. Not all of us have the luxury of living anywhere near a waterfall but if you do or if you happen to find yourself near one, I’d recommend taking advantage of the opportunity. One thing to remember is to be safe! Don’t go alone and don’t climb along a waterfall. You should find one where you can approach safely from underneath.

You will of course prefer a smaller waterfall, as huge volumes of water falling from a high distance will pack quite a punch. Always test the water gradually with your hand. Assuming you’re able to go under it or if there is enough spray, you can make use of its natural spirit healing powers. Water in this form has its rawest and most powerful energy: humanities negative energy or toxins haven’t polluted it. It’s coming straight from Mother Earth and as such, will naturally wash away your negative energy. You don’t even have to worry about meditation or affirmations. In this case, the water itself is enough to cleanse your body and soul.


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