Angel cards meanings – All that you shoud know!

angel cards meanings

Just in case you are new to the idea, this article is the ultimate guide to the angel cards meanings. There won’t be time to cover every single one of the angel cards’ meanings but this article should provide a good level of knowledge and certainly more than a basic understanding.

Angel cards are a specific type of Oracle Card. You may know them better as Tarot Cards or Wisdom Cards. They have a wide range of uses such as fortune-telling, deeper glimpses into astrology, or consulting with spiritual beings.

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What do angel cards mean?

Angel Cards are the same basic idea but exist for one specific purpose: consulting with angels and archangels. They are a tool used to open your mind and soul to the energy and guidance of angelic beings.

We will look at the specifics of using angel cards and the angel cards’ meanings in a moment.

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Flip cards randomly

The basic idea is that you flip cards randomly (or what would seem to be random) and they allow some insight into yourself through divine communication with angels. The interesting thing about the angel cards’ meanings is that you can’t select incorrectly.

Any card you turn over serves to provide an insight of some form or another. Each angel card possesses a deeply spiritual meaning! You can learn to understand what each card symbolizes, as a way to better understand your role in this world, and to learn from the past, present, and future.

Delving into the world of angel cards represents a positive step towards spiritual growth. Your Guardian Angel can help you to understand the meanings of angel cards!

How does the angel card work?

Angel Card reading isn’t like playing a game of poker. There are physical and spiritual preparations that need to be done prior to starting. You may already know this but everything in this universe has vibrational energy.

Plants do, we do, animals do, angels do, and even the Earth does. Like Angel Numbers, when using angel cards, your goal is to try and communicate with angels and as such, the easiest way to do this is to increase your vibrational energy.

Ideally, you would want to spend the day eating organic, naturally grown, high-energy foods. Try to avoid alcohol, processed foods, or anything high in sugar. You also want to make sure your room is prepared.

If you have some high-energy colors such as red or blue then use these in the room. Lighting some candles or using some incense can also help to clear the air of any negative energy. Some people make use of crystal balls during this process.

Not for use within the reading itself but for providing the room and those in it with a certain quality of energy. Some people also choose to wear crystals or religious symbols to make the angelic connection even clearer.

Trust your Intuition

When it comes to angel cards or any type of divination tool, there is one thing that is more important than anything else: listening to and trusting in your intuition.

Learning the basics behind a card’s meaning is important, but your ability to interpret the answer to a question does not come from your mind, it comes from your spirit.

Intuition marks the connection between your conscious mind, subconscious mind, and your soul. When we experience that gut instinct, it is the result of these connections merging different inputs into a single thought.

Feeling that a card is referencing a past love or a tragic event is not based on the card, but rather on our interpretation of its energy. Allow your spirit to guide you, even when it goes against your understanding of a card’s meaning.

Final Preparations

Finally, you want to make sure there are going to be no distractions. View this session as a form of meditation. You need to be able to completely relax your body, mind, and soul alike.

If complete silence just isn’t possible then you could make use of some headphones. Playing music is perfectly acceptable; just make sure it isn’t something distracting. Classical would be the preferred choice.

Saying that there are sounds much better suited to this process: something like bells, chimes, waves crashing on a beach, the sound of a storm, or even white noise.

The Cards

People have different sorts of cards and different methods for interpreting angel card meanings. Nowadays, some people make use of technology.

You get apps on your phone or tablet that not only provides the cards but also the Angel Oracle Cards meanings. Similarly, there are websites that you can use to do the same thing.

While this is completely acceptable, there are definitely flaws:

  • Firstly, technology is more of a distraction during a reading.
  • Secondly, you can’t make use of the cards’ energies. Having a physical set of cards is always a better option.

That being said, sometimes you just have to make the best of your situation.

Angel Cards Meanings

If you do indeed own a physical set of angel cards then you have another issue on your hands: storing them. These aren’t the sorts of cards that you just throw into a drawer while they’re not in use.

You want the cards to have their own energies to make using them and connecting with angels that bit easier. If you’re religious, perhaps store them in a box with your holy book.

If not, perhaps with some crystals or if you’re the owner of a crystal ball, store them in there. You want to keep them out of sunlight and away from dust.

Wrapping them in some sort of cloth is always a wise idea to keep them in the best condition possible and to help build up their energy.

Starting the Reading

Take the cards out of the box or boxes. Some people take this opportunity to piles the cards up and place a crystal on top, just to help clear any negative energy that may be within them.

It’s not an essential step through and shouldn’t have any huge impact on whether you do it or not. Some people also like to take this opportunity to say a prayer but again, this is entirely your decision.

You should get a feel as to what is right or wrong to do. Trust your instinct, it’s an essential part of card reading.

Shuffling the cards

When you think that you’re ready to begin, you can start to shuffle the cards. As you shuffle the cards, make sure you touch every single one. You don’t have to hold them or spend any length of time touching them.

It’s simply an important step to pass some of your energy into each card in order to get a more accurate reading.

Most of the following steps relate to this process. You don’t have to shuffle them for a set amount of time. Do it until you feel (not think) that they have been shuffled enough.

You can use this time while shuffling to think of the question you may want to be answered or the situation you need guidance with.

Drawing Cards

What you do here is largely up to you. Follow your gut and do whatever feels right. You could keep them in a pile and draw them that way. You might choose to fan them out on the table.

You could just scatter them across the table and choose like that. The truth is there are no right or wrong answers here. By fanning them out you do ensure your energy is evenly dispersed before drawing which can be beneficial.

Of course, if you choose not to do it that way then there may be a reason for that which you will discover when you draw your cards. That’s why it is essential that you have a clear mind and trust your gut.

This is the same when interpreting the angel cards’ meanings. This is where things can get a little bit trickier. How you do this next step is entirely up to you but you’ll want to draw at least one card. You may want to draw two, or three.

It’s entirely up to you and it depends on the sort of question you need help with. For example, if you were trying to make a choice between several options, you might just pick one card. If you need guidance on how to best help a friend in need, you might pick two.

If you just wanted some general guidance that isn’t about something specific, you might take three. Again, there are no right or wrong answers. The number you choose will suit your needs.

Angel Cards Meanings

So after drawing, you’re probably wondering about the angel oracle card meanings. You may have a guidebook that explains each card in depth or each card may have meaning on it.

However, this isn’t always the case and in some instances, the cards may contain only one word or perhaps just a picture. If in doubt, hold the card to your chest and clear your mind.

See what appears in that empty space and trust that what you’re feeling is your answer. Similarly, consult your angels.

As angel oracle card meanings can vary so much from person to person, don’t rely on the descriptions or explanations from say a friend or family member. These cards are personal to you and it might be that only you know what they mean.

Archangel Card Meanings

If you happen to own a set of angel cards with depictions of angels and archangels on them, then this can make things easier. By consulting the role that they have played throughout history, you can better understand why you drew that card.

Archangel card meanings will quite often relate to what they are associated with. Take Gabriel for example, he is known for communication.

If you drew this card then it could be that you need to work on communication, perhaps someone is calling out for help and you haven’t realized it, perhaps the cards are telling you to ask Gabriel for guidance.

Things are a little trickier when you go from archangel card meanings to angel cards meanings as angels perform a variety of roles and aren’t as well-known as their more powerful kin.

For Archangel card meanings you can usually check online to see how this archangel has helped people before but the angel card meanings do tend to be a lot more personal.

As an example, you may draw the Angel of Beauty card. What does this mean? It could be that you focus on beauty too much or it could be that you don’t notice it enough. Search within yourself for the answer and you shall have it.

A Final Look at the Angel cards meanings

Just remember that even if your cards did come with a guidebook, don’t rely too heavily on the words within it. These are just the interpretations of others and shouldn’t be taken as the final say of all the angel cards’ meanings.

Trust your ability and the answers will come to you.

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