What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

What does it mean when you dream about someone

We’ve all had dreams that feel like they mean something. We might dream of something bad and feel like it’s a warning, or we might dream about a symbol and take it as representing a message. It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between a dream that’s just a dream, and a dream that’s something more. What does it mean when you dream about someone? Does it have something to do with your emotions? Does it have something to do with theirs? Is it a sign from the universe that you should or shouldn’t take action? We’re going to try to answer that.

Types of Dreams

If you dream about someone, there are a few different meanings that it can carry. The one that requires the least amount of discussion is the instance where a dream is just a dream. You can usually tell these apart from the others because while you’ll dream about someone, you won’t feel any emotion towards them, especially after waking up. In such a dream, there will likely be multiple people who appear, your emotions towards them won’t be strong or overwhelming.

Your dream will feel more like watching a movie rather than an experience. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to establish what type of dream you’ve had, and what this might mean in relation to this person who appeared in your dream. So, what does it mean when you dream about someone?

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 You may ask also yourself these questions:

  • Were you alone with this person?
  • Did you feel emotional around them?
  • Were these emotions still there when you woke up?
  • Did you feel as if this person held strong emotions towards you?
  • When you next saw this person, did you feel as if those same emotions were still there?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then it’s more likely that your dream carries meaning beyond being a random collection of thoughts and experiences. What does it mean when you dream about someone? Let’s look at some of the possibilities.


Dreaming about someone can simply be a sign that they are on your mind. You may need to consider the content of your dream. Were you helping this person achieve something? Did they show gratitude? Did you feel happy or excited by them expressing such emotions? If you dream about someone, it might be an indication that you wish to expand your current relationship with them.

It is likely that you wish to establish a platonic friendship with this person. You respect them, but you get the feeling that it isn’t mutual, and you wish for that to change, even if you don’t realize it on a conscious level. This dream is trying to draw attention to these feelings. By resolving them, you may feel more comfortable and at peace when around this individual.

Explore Your Feelings

What does it mean when you dream about someone who could be a potential romantic interest? Well, you have to explore the dream in order to decide what was going on. Did you feel an emotional pull towards this person? Did you feel as if you were together or could be in the future? Did these emotions linger after waking up and were they still present when you met the person again in real life?

Dreams can be a way of our subconscious mind sharing information with our conscious mind. Messages can be received from the spiritual realm, but they can also be received from deeper within ourselves. If you find that real emotion felt present during the dream, you might want to consider and explore your own emotions.

It’s possible that you’ve developed a naturally forming romantic pull towards this individual. If you keep dreaming about them in this manner, then that is almost certainly the case. Try talking to them and simply allow things to run their natural course.

It’s also possible that you like them but you’re unsure if the feeling is mutual. You’re dreaming about being with them because it’s the only way you can experience what that would be like. You should be able to feel if a connection exists, which brings us to the next possible reason why you may dream about someone.

A Reflection of Unseen Emotion

Unlike your conscious mind, which actually misses or forgets most of what is happening in the world, your subconscious mind is incredible at picking up small details. When you get a gut instinct about someone, it’s often triggered by your subconscious mind which has noticed details that your conscious mind has missed. Dreams are largely believed to be reflections of subconscious thoughts, so what does it mean when you dream about someone having feelings towards you?

Such a situation can be difficult to notice, even within a dream. Yet dreams don’t obey the same laws as the physical world. You often have memories of things you haven’t experienced, and you often know information that you’ve never learned. Have you ever had a dream where you’re in a strange building, but you know it’s your home or you’re with a stranger, but you know that it’s your father?

What does it mean when you dream about someone?

Sometimes in dreams, you can simply feel or know that somebody has certain feelings towards you. When this is the case, it’s possible that your subconscious mind has picked up on body language or tone that suggests that this person holds strong emotions towards you, particularly of the romantic kind.

It’s also possible that this person is thinking or dreaming about you, and so a spiritual connection has been made through dream space. But, what does it mean when you dream about someone in a negative way?

A Warning of Danger

We now know that dreaming about someone can have a number of different meanings, but what does it mean if you dream about someone holding negative emotions towards you? Well, this is usually a warning. Perhaps your subconscious mind picked up on something, or perhaps a vibration was carried through the spiritual realm.

The best way to check is to interact with this person. Allow yourself to remain open-minded and simply see what vibe you get from them. Do they seem sincere? Do they appear to be holding hostility or anger towards you? Does your gut instinct send out a warning whenever you’re near them? You now might have in mind the importance of what does it mean when you dream about someone. Give them time to show their true colors and then take the appropriate action. In the end, it might have just been a dream.

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