Exploring the 7 Planes of Existence

Planes of Existence

What are the seven planes of existence? That’s a complicated question to answer and depending on who you ask, you may get a wide range of different answers.

In this article, we’re going to attempt to simplify all 7 of the planes so that you can get a clear picture of what each is responsible for, what it contains, and how it connects to the planes that are above or below it.

We’ll also take a look at the different sub-levels that some of these planes have. First, though, we need to understand how they are all connected.

Everything Is Connected

One thing we have to understand before looking at the individual planes is that while we divide these into separate levels, they are all connected and interconnected.

Most of these planes are not separate from the rest and so we have to consider them to be like a computer: it’s made up of different parts and we can separate them e.g. software and hardware, but all the components work together to make the computer function.

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1st of the planes of Existence (Earth Plane I)

This is also known as the Earth plane and out of all the planes of existence, it is without a doubt the core plane. You could even go as far as labeling it a plain of existence based solely on the fact that it’s the least active layer of existence and certainly the most plain.

Here you will only find the inorganic aspects of Earth, including all the atoms and the forms they take (according to the periodic table). Some of the materials you can expect to find within this plane are minerals, rocks, earth (as in soil, not the planet), and crystals.

2nd Plane (Earth Plane II)

The second plane we’re going to look at could still be labeled the Earth plane but a separate section of it. We’ll explore this concept in a moment but first, we will take a look at the contents of this plane. Here you will find simple organic components.

Plants and trees exist within this level as do all the components necessary for life e.g. water and vitamins. Certain woodland spirits are attracted to this plane but they aren’t created within it. Instead, they return to this level in search of peace and to aid in improving the energy level of both themselves and the plane.

3rd Plane (Earth Plane III)

The third of the planes of existence that we’re going to take a look at could arguably be called Earth plane 3. This is where you find more complex lifeforms. This could be anything from bugs, to lizards, to dogs, to humans. Creatures who become trapped within this plane never learn to rise above their most primitive and primal desires.

They don’t search out greater meaning in the universe but instead settle for satisfying basic needs such as feeding hunger, quenching thirst, and finding shelter. Such creatures are defensive, aggressive, apathetic, and typically narrow-minded.

In some circles, the first three planes are considered just one plane and are not separated based on their content. It would still be referred to as the Earth plane, even when it contains all three of the planes we have just discussed.

To make understanding all of this easier, you will see that the first three planes have been divided into Earth Plane I, II, and III. These merge to become what is known as the physical realm or material world. So let’s take a look at what lies beyond.

4th Plane (Spiritual Realm)

As we move away from the physical planes of existence, we reach the spiritual plane or the spirit world. This plane is often described as a waiting room of sorts. When beings from the physical realm of Earth planes reach out into the spiritual world, they’ll enter into this space.

However, upon dying, this is the area that spirits will arrive and it isn’t until they’ve expanded and increased the vibrational energy levels that they can advance to the higher planes of existence.

It’s also important to note that lost/wandering spirits can exist in the 3rd plane. Arguably they are caught somewhere between the 3rd plane and 4th plane, not really existing in either but also being in both at the same time.

5th Plane (Plane of Divinity)

The fifth plane is a little more complicated because it’s actually not just one plane. In order to understand it, we have to consider the beings that you’d find within this level. Here you would find the likes of Jesus Christ, Buddha, and the highest ranks of spiritual masters.

However, reaching this level doesn’t get you in a room with Jesus, so to speak, as this plane is divided into multiple levels based on vibrational energy levels. This is arguably the final plane that any non-God being can reach short of becoming one with God at an energy level.

6th Plane (Plane of Law)

As we begin to explore the final planes of existence, we struggle to put these concepts into words. It’s almost impossible to fully understand what planes actually are. The 6th plane is where the laws of the universe function. If this universe was a computer, this plane would be the code that runs through it.

It’s everywhere and yet nowhere at the same time, and yet it interacts with every single aspect of the computer/universe. To give you some examples of the laws that function from this plane, you have the Law of Attraction, Law of Gravity, and the Law of Thermodynamics.

7th Plane (Plane of God)

The final plane of existence is God’s plane. If we continue with the computer analogy, this plane is like electricity, the plug socket, the wires, and the computer components.

It’s fluid and solid at the same time, encompassing everything and flowing through everything and yet still existing independently. This is God but more importantly, it is energy. This energy creates and flows through all the other planes.

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