Sodalite – Discover more about the Crystal of Communication


Crystals and gems are natural energy hubs, forged in the fiery hot furnace of the Earth’s mantle. Being exposed to all of this powerful energy allows these precious stones to serve as energy hubs. Each crystal radiates with its own unique vibrational energy level, which we can learn to interact with in order to help our spiritual development. We’re going to focus on one crystal, in particular, today: sodalite. We’’ start off by considering the sodalite meaning, and how this relates to its uses. We’ll then go on to discuss how you can make the most of the sodalite properties.

What is the meaning of sodalite crystal?

As with any crystal, the best place to start is with its name and origin. The sodalite meaning is rather uninspiring, unfortunately. The name comes from the composition of the stone itself, which also relates to its origins. It is forged in sodium-rich magma, and as such has a high sodium content. The color is typically blueish, with slight variations sometimes appearing as a sort of blue-grey color when other chemicals have interacted with its creation.

Sodalite is a rather young gem, at least in terms of its discovery. It is believed to have first been discovered by Europeans as early late as 1811, and it didn’t become populate until the end of that century. The first major deposit was in Greenland, but it is now mined in the USA, France, Romania, Namibia, and Russia, with the biggest deposits being found in Brazil.

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What are the healing properties of sodalite?

Due to its late discovery, its meaning doesn’t connect with any ancient cultures or powerful ancient rituals, but that’s not to say that it isn’t still an incredibly mystical and practical gem.

However, it’s worth noting that despite appearing rather solid, sodalite is fragile in nature. It’s for this reason, and its vast deposits, that you can purchase this gem for a relatively cheap price. It’s sometimes referred to as the “poor man’s Lapis” due to the similar texture and color.

Every gem connects with spiritual energy, but as each one carries its own vibrational energy level, it interacts with our own energy in a slightly different way. The sodalite properties connect most deeply with communication and spiritual understanding. Many people actually believe that it holds a special connection with Archangel Gabriel. The reason for this relates to the first of the sodalite properties that we’re going to discuss.

What is sodalite crystal good for?

Communication is important in all aspects of life. We communicate with people on a daily basis, whether it’s for work, for fun, or simply as part of how we interact with the world. However, we also require communication in order to better interact with our angels, as well as other spiritual beings. Arguably, we also need communication for interacting with parts of ourselves, especially the areas that are deep within us.

Sodalite helps us to find the words and thoughts necessary to communicate more effectively. For some, it will provide confidence, when usually nerves will impact their ability to speak openly. This can be useful when speaking publicly or confronting someone when you’re uncomfortable doing so. The spiritual energy provided by this crystal also allows for easier communication with the spiritual realm. Many people use this crystal to better communicate with their angels.

Spiritual Understanding

Following on from the sodalite properties, we have to discuss the other main use that is associated with this gem. When used correctly, it can help us find a deeper level of spiritual understanding. It’s important to note that it doesn’t provide us with knowledge. Instead, it allows us to better access our inner knowledge in order to connect the dots and find patterns. Reaching deeper parts of ourselves relates back to the enhanced communication that sodalite can provide.

Through using the stone in this way, you will find that you can trust your intuition more easily than before. This is particularly useful when it comes to reading tarot cards, understanding Angel Numbers, or working out the messages contained within your horoscope. You’ll also be able to notice angel signs more frequently, and better understand what they actually mean.

Teachers and students of philosophy also make use of this crystal to understand points of view that differ greatly from theirs. Seeing the world through the eyes of another can be challenging, but it’s also the best way to develop stronger empathy levels. Sodalite, through this property, can help us to grasp an understanding of truth, but also the power of perspective.

Using Sodalite

You’re probably wondering how you can make the most of this stone’s incredible properties. Due to the color and substance of this gem, people often choose to wear it as jewelry. Sodalite can be rather fragile, and therefore easily damaged, so wearing it as a bracelet or ring isn’t always practical. However, it makes for a perfect necklace, and that way it’s near your throat and your heart, two vital aspects of communication. Whenever you need to harness some of its energy, you can simply reach up and hold it in your hand.

There are other ways you can use sodalite though. For example, you may wish to improve your spiritual communication abilities when reaching out to your angels. Some people do this through prayer, others reach out while in a meditative state. You can either hold the sodalite crystal in your hand or place it on the floor in front of you. Either way, focusing on the stone as you begin to reach out to your angels will greatly help. You can visualize your energy or message passing from you to the stone, and then out into the universe.

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