Ascension Wow Meditation

Ascension Wow Meditation

Meditation is perhaps the most common technique used when exploring your own spirituality. Ascension Wow meditation is one such style, and we’re going to take you through each step of this meditation technique in order to allow your spirit and consciousness to rise above its physical limitations.

There are more meditation styles than anyone could ever count, each holding its own unique purpose or method. One of the more common reasons that people carry out meditation is to increase their vibrational energy level in order to achieve higher levels of spirituality or to contact spiritual beings, such as their angels.

The Purpose of Ascension Wow Meditation

Do you ever have difficulty reaching out to spiritual beings? When you are able to reach out, do you find communication difficult, or even non-existent? Don’t worry, these can be common problems.

Some people are naturals when it comes to contacting angels or spirit guides, but others will have more difficulty. With some patience and practice, you’ll be reaching out to your angels with ease in no time.

Wow Ascension meditation is an incredibly simple technique that combines meditation, visualization, and aspects of self-reflection. The goal is to push energy through any blockages or anchors that are limiting your spiritual potential.

This might sound a little complicated, but we’re going to walk you through each step, one foot at a time.

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It’s important to manage your expectations. Some people will struggle with this the first time, maybe even the second and third times as well.

Accept that you may have to try more than once and simply allow your consciousness to guide your spirit to where it needs to go. If you don’t achieve the desired state the first time around, don’t view it as a failure. Instead, view it as a lesson. After all, practice makes perfect!

Setting the Scene

The key to any successful Ascension Wow meditation, and in fact any meditation, is to create an environment where you feel calm, relaxed, at peace, and you won’t be disturbed.

If there is noise from outside or the person next door is doing DIY, then simply allow that to become part of your environment. There’s no reason that any of this should distract you.

Some people find that lighting candles, holding crystals, turning off any bright lights, or drinking some herbal tea, can all aid in their experience.

None of these are necessary, but if you think they will help prepare your mind, then go for it. You should definitely have your phone on silent though.

The last thing you want is to be seeing angelic light, ready to make contact with Archangels, only for your sister or friend to call you.

You can lie down, sit on the floor, or even sit on a chair or sofa. The position of your body is less important than your ability to relax your mind.

Similarly, if you want to listen to white noise or relaxing sounds then that’s up to you. Listening to anything with lyrics or anything too loud is likely to be a distraction though.

Beginning the Ascension Wow Meditation

You can start the Ascension Wow meditation the same way you would normally meditate. If you’re new to the practice, don’t worry. There are some simple breathing exercises that will help you to sink down into the meditative state.

Close your eyes and begin taking long, slow breaths. Try to fill your lungs up from the bottom, as if you’re breathing into your stomach.

Feel the wave of air filling your body. Ideally, you want to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, but if you have a cold or any other issues, just breathe in whatever way works for you.

Once breathing deeply becomes natural, you’re going to start counting each breath in or out, starting with 1. With each new number, see it in your mind’s eye. Make it stand out, make it bright, and make it take up all of your attention.

Once you reach 10, you’re going to restart the count at 1. If your mind wanders, don’t panic! Simply return to the last number you remember counting. We can then begin the visualization aspect of the Ascension Wow experience.


As we already mentioned, a major aspect of Ascension Wow meditation is visualization. This takes place once your mind enters a meditative state. It’s important that you don’t force thoughts into your consciousness.

You want to guide your thoughts but without pushing them. It’s going to be like guiding a boat down a river: you can guide it left or right, but ultimately, it’s going to follow the current.

Visualize yourself being surrounded by pure, white light. It’s a warm light as if you’re sitting on a beach in summer. You can feel it relaxing your body and increasing your positive energy. Slowly, this light is going to carry you upwards, but not your body.

You’ll be able to look down and see yourself in the same meditative position. This is your consciousness, your spirit, that is rising. It is here that the Ascension Wow meditation truly begins.

Even though your mind is detached from your body, you can still feel the sensations of the white light. Feel it flooding through every cell and every organ. Feel its power wrap around your heart, your brain, and your spine.

Feel it’s healing energy as you fill up with energy. This marks the pinnacle of the Ascension Wow experience, and many people will end it here, able to carry on with the rest of their day, feeling energetic and positive.

Making Contact

Once the light has fully enveloped your body, mind, and spirit, you can begin reaching out to your angels. How you visualize them, if at all, is something that will happen naturally.

Don’t overthink their appearance, just let it come to you in the manner that they choose. Simply reach out with your spirit to whomever you wish to speak. You can call upon your angels or Archangels by asking for their attention.

For example: “Archangel Michael, I’ve carried out this Ascension Wow meditation in the hopes of you hearing me. Please, grace me with your presence if you feel now is the right time to talk”.

Within this state, you can also ask questions that don’t necessarily need immediate answers. If you don’t make contact, keep an eye out for the appearance of signs (such as angel numbers) in the days following your Ascension Wow experience.

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