Crystalline Grid for Anchoring Ascension Light

crystalline grid

You must have heard about ascension but, do you know what it means? Ascension is to rise to a higher level or position. It is not limited to what we will be talking here – light. However, the way to anchor the higher form of light is to connect with the crystalline grid. Do you know what that is, or have you ever heard about it? If not, you can know more about it now.

What is the Crystalline Grid?

The ascended Earth has a higher multidimensional vibrational grid which is known as the crystalline grid. It is known to receive the Divine energies from the center of the galaxy which makes them unique. It is known to be responsible for monitoring the ascension procedure that humans undergo by spiritual awakening and increased vibrational energy procedures. You might have experienced that during spiritual awakening.

This ascension grid is responsible for sending out a balanced form of anchoring light throughout the Earth. Thus, no matter where you are on Earth, you always have access to the ascension light. However, not all places have the same frequency of energy. There are certain places with a higher frequency of the crystalline grid and some with lower energy. You can always use this ascension light to raise your consciousness and connect with the Divine source of energy directly.

How to Connect with the Crystalline Grid

Attention is the most important element when you are planning to connect with the ascension grid. Start by closing your eyes and taking deep breaths to shift your awareness to the task you are about to do. Clear your mind of any thoughts that are not relevant to connection with the ascension grid and anchoring of light. Focus on your heart and imagine being surrounded by light. Let the light be entered into your heart and get expanded to reach every part of your body.

Imagine all the chakras being energized by the anchoring light which reaches the Earth after flowing out of your body. You will be able to feel your awareness flowing down into the Earth. The moment you feel a certain gush of energy in your body, that is the moment when you are connected with the Divine and all that there is to you.

You will be able to visualize the energy from the core of the Earth running through your feet up into your spinal cord, through your heart, to your brain. As the light reaches every part of your body, your conscious awareness would expand, and you will be more aware of what is going on around you.

The Light is Your Source of Energy

The energy that the anchoring light has is not normal energy that you can receive from anywhere else. It is energy that is unique to be found from any other source, and it is ascended energy which comes straight from the crystalline grid which is rich in power. It can raise the vibrational frequency of your body and take all the negative energy from within your body, mind, and soul away from you. All at the same time while reenergizing your body and filling it up with positive emotions of happiness, joy, and peace. Thus, to benefit from it, you need to believe in the energy.

Angels are also always available to help assist you through this process. All you need to do is make a small prayer with a good intention and a pure heart. If not, your prayer will be heard but not answered.

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