Oneness – What it is and why you should know more about it


When it comes to the existence of human beings, oneness is something that we should be taught from a very young age. But, even today, many of us do not realize its importance because we are not taught about it. Even if it exists in our surroundings, we are not aware of its presence.

What is Oneness?

Not knowing what it means, results in us practicing the exact opposite. But, to fulfill your purpose on Earth, you need to have a deeper understanding of oneness in your life. Thus, you need to know every little detail about it to let its applications be applied in your life.

When we talk about it, we talk about God because He is one and there is none other than Him to exist. He is not comparable to anyone else and hence, is always related_posts to oneness. You will often find oneness being directly related_posts to Him; when people talk about God, they often talk about oneness as well.

For humans, oneness is to be unique. It signifies being individual, being different from others. You can’t compare yourself to your friends because you are different in your own way.


To be linked to it, you need to believe in your soul, you need to believe in the purpose for which you were sent to the Earth, and you need to know your sole mission.

It is uniquely only linked your personality, and not someone else’s. So, when you talk about it about yourself, you need to focus on YOUR personality, YOUR mission, and YOUR beliefs.

The nature of your soul is oneness as you have unique abilities, skills, and gifts that others might not have. That is why you can relate oneness to yourself as well.

Oneness and You

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Do you ever see yourself as a part of a big whole? The big whole is the world you live in, and you are just a part of it? Your being mere as PART of it gives you the quality of being one. It is yours to have as much as it is someone else’s to have. You possessing that quality does not mean that others can’t have it too.

Everyone has special qualities; every individual is good at certain things others might not be good at. However, the sole mission for everyone is the same. That is why everyone is part of the BIG WHOLE (the world itself).

Final thoughts

The best way to get the idea of oneness into your mind is to meditate. A quiet mind is a place for greater things. When you meditate, your mind is peaceful and quiet. It is then that you can rightfully get your mind to work its way to understand it in your life. Once you start meditating and focusing, you will realize what a great thing it is to have.

It will help you facilitate behaviors such as love, compassion, and care. If you feel detached from the world, it will make you connect to it again; if you feel mislead, it will give you a path to walk on; if you feel neglected, you would not want anyone’s attention. The benefits that come along with the realization of oneness are one too many to count.

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