Who is Doreen Virtue?

Doreen Virtue

When it comes to the world of spirituality, there are few whose talent can compare to Doreen Virtue’s extraordinary talent and insight. In this article, we will explore everything you could need to know about this proclaimed author and spiritual guru.

From looking at her life, education, and publications to exploring her influence and involvement in social media, no stone will be left unturned. Of course, it would be impossible not to also delve into some examples of her work such as Doreen Virtue books,

Doreen Virtue Angel card reading, and of course some of the angel messages Doreen Virtue has received herself.

Background Information

When exploring the life of such a well-known and talented individual, it’s important to take a moment to see where they came from.

Doreen was born and raised in sunny California and despite being raised by Christian scientist parents, she would go on to be baptized and become a born-again Christian in 2017 after receiving a vision of Jesus while in church.

Doreen has an extensive education as well within the area of social sciences. After obtaining a B.A. in psychology she went on to also obtain an M.A. in counseling psychology a mere two years later.

Doreen Virtue’s early work seemed to remain focused on psychology. For example, many of her initial published books were, in fact, self-help books or examined certain inflictions that many faces in the world today such as eating disorders.

Her career appeared to be heading towards mental health work as she was a psychological director within a female psychiatric unit. That was until she made the change to spiritual areas.

The mind and the spirit are closely connected and so it is understandable that by exploring one, it’s possible to come into contact with the other, even by accident.

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Doreen’s Move into Spirituality

Doreen is now a prominent figure within spirituality movements, particularly those oriented towards the Christian faith. From as early as 1997, Doreen has been publishing books on specific aspects of spirituality.

These “self-help” books (as they are often categorized) are guides to better understanding angels and other aspects of the spiritual realm. For example, one of her earliest spiritual books ‘The Lightworker’s Way’ aimed to aid its readers in finding their life’s purpose and better understanding their soul’s mission.

It included information on spiritual healing practices which would be found in more detail in Doreen’s 1998 book: ‘Healing with the Angels: How Angels Can Assist You in Every Aspect of Your Life.  We’ll take a closer look at how Doreen provides insights into these spiritual areas in a moment.

Social Media Influence

Doreen is beloved by her fans and considering how available she is on social media platforms, it’s hardly surprising.

For example, if you head over to the Doreen Virtue YouTube channel, you’ll find over 50 videos exploring areas such as frequently asked questions, Doreen’s experience with Jesus, and guides to chakra clearing/cleansing.

Not to mention that you’ll also find the Doreen Virtue weekly reading where she recites Bible passages and prayers. All of these are available for free and Doreen will often use the live feed function on YouTube to better interact with her fans.

So it’s hardly surprising that Doreen has over 200,000 subscribers! Of course, in today’s world, it’s impossible to build a following without the help of social media platforms.

By following the Doreen Virtue Instagram account (@doreenvirtue) you will gain access to motivational pictures, prayers, and spiritual messages from Doreen.

With regular posts and over 400,000 followers, it’s clear Doreen’s wisdom goes a long way and is greatly appreciated. Similarly, the Doreen Virtue Facebook page has nearly 1.5 million subscribers!

Here Doreen offers regular prayers and words of advice/encouragement. Followers of the account (@Doreenvirtue444) receive each angel message for today’s Doreen Virtue posts.

Reaching out to Doreen

Having such a reputation, of course, leads to Doreen receiving many, many requests and questions. That’s not to say that she won’t do her best to offer all the insight and guidance she can but people searching for a Doreen Virtue free angel reading will likely find copies of her work rather than the original guides themselves.

For example, the search term ‘Doreen Virtue free reading’ simply brings you to websites (not related to or authored by Doreen) that claim to use her methods/practices.

As with any expert or guru involved in this line of work, it’s always best to reach out through official lines of communication. You can do this through the social media networks mentioned above or through her YouTube channel.

Doreen Virtue Cards

Doreen is perhaps more well-known for certain aspects of her spiritual work more so than others. For example, the Doreen Virtue angel cards and the Doreen Virtue oracle cards are popular among beginners and experienced tarot card readers alike.

Her card decks come with easy-to-follow instructions (or more accurately: guides). The Doreen Virtue angel tarot cards differ from other tarot cards in the sense that they are designed for angelic healing.

Doreen explains that her decks offer unique ways to reach out to your Guardian Angels in search of healing power and guidance.

She encourages people to use her decks to aid in clearing blockages, releasing tensions and fear, and receiving angel messages. Angel therapy is in itself a therapeutic practice which many people use regularly.

Spiritual Insights

Doreen provides many deep and meaningful spiritual insights, not only about herself or others but also concerning angels and other spiritual beings. So we’ll take a moment to explore some of the areas in which Doreen regularly delves. We’ll start by looking at some of the angel numbers Doreen Virtue has explored in depth.

Doreen Virtue Angel Numbers (222)

Angel messages can present themselves in many ways and Doreen is no stranger to interpreting these messages. Let’s explore some of the angel numbers that Doreen has interpreted in the past. We’ll start the angel number 222 meaning Doreen Virtue discusses.

Angel number 222 often reflects a very specific message from your angels. The number acknowledges that your angels believe that you’re on the right track.

This could simply be with your career path, perhaps relationship goals, it could be to do with your life goals or even your spiritual or soul journey. The number also acts as a reminder to stay strong and not lose faith no matter what obstacles may block your path along the way.

Angel Number 333

Another example could be the angel number 333 Doreen Virtue interpretation. Doreen reaches out to angels to find out the significance of certain angel signs/messages.

She does this not for herself but rather to help those searching for information. The interpretation of the 333 angel number Doreen Virtue relays is pretty straightforward.

This number carries several meanings, one of which relates to the presence of angels and the Ascended Masters. The number reminds you that the angels are working with you in several different ways (many of which may be unclear to you or even completely unknown).

Angel Number 101

Of course, when we look at angel numbers 101, Doreen Virtue offers deep insight as to why you may be seeing this number wherever you go. The number itself encourages you to use any free time to go on a journey of self-development.

This can apply to any area of your life and it’s up to you to determine which area this is. For example, your spirituality may require some development to improve your divine connections or increase your own positive spiritual energy. Alternatively, you may need to set aside some time to work on your passions or even your physical health.

Angel Number 777

The 777 meaning Doreen Virtue offers is also very specific and insightful. This number focuses on the aspects of you that make you stand out from the crowd. It forces you to ask yourself “what makes me unique?”

Doreen believes that if you’re frequently seeing the number 777 then your angels are encouraging you to not only put more time into this skill or talent that you have but that you should allow others to embrace this part of you.

You never know how you can benefit and bring joy to the world unless you’re willing to put yourself out there.

Angel Number 1111

As we explore angel numbers, we have to also look at the angel 1111 Doreen Virtue interpretation. Doreen believes that angel number 1111 is a sign of a major spiritual development or awakening.

It could be that you’re about to experience a new and potentially unique spiritual experience or it could be that your angels are encouraging you to search for one.

Whenever you see angel number 1111, take note of what you were thinking at that time and explore those thoughts for deeper meaning. Doreen, of course, reminds everyone that interpreting angel numbers requires a certain level of trust in your own abilities.

She encourages her followers to explore why they as individuals may be seeing this number rather than why everyone at any time sees it. Angel numbers aren’t always straightforward or decipherable at a single glance.

Chakras and Chakra Cleansing

Doreen Virtue Chakra clearing is just another of the many spiritual insights this marvel can offer. Doreen has many books on the subject for those wishing to grasp a better understanding of what Chakras are.

Alternatively, she has many YouTube videos freely available which cover the topic of chakras (and cleansing your chakras) in great depth. If you’re unaware of what Chakras are, they are essentially spiritual energy hubs that can become blocked and limit the natural flow of our energy.

This can lead to physical and emotional (as well as spiritual) symptoms that make our lives challenging in unnecessary ways. One effective method of Chakra cleansing is meditation.


Doreen’s virtue meditation is the final area of her work that we will take a look at. Meditation is a widely used practice both in religious and non-religious environments. Meditation offers physical, mental, and spiritual benefits and best of all, it can be carried out during a short time period in the comfort of your own home.

Some people enjoy using their own meditative techniques but for those requiring a little more guidance, Doreen has many videos readily available on the subject. Some of these are guided meditations with relaxing music to help you with the meditation process. Many people use meditation to aid in chakra clearing, energy cleansing, or contacting their angels. Doreen does an excellent job of helping beginners and experienced individuals alike. You can find many of these on YouTube.

You may find more information on her site:  https://doreenvirtue.com/

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