Angel channeling: What is it and how do you do it?

angel channeling

There are a number of reasons why people try to channel angels. In this article, we will look at what channeling is, how to contact your angel and how to channel them. Lastly we will take a short look at how to channel spirits. Angel channeling is a hugely beneficial process and while it may require a little time and a little patience, everyone has the capacity to do it.

So what is Angel Channeling?

So you may be wondering what angel channeling actually is: put simply, it’s a connection that allows the thoughts, advice, memories, feelings, or even just the energy of an angel to channel through you.

This means that to anybody else, this advice or the energy you suddenly appear to possess is all you. The degree to which they channel themselves through you varies from person to person.

It could be that a minor thought appears in your head that actually isn’t your own or you could give an entire speech that is actually the work of an angel.

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Steps to Angel Channeling


There are several different preparations that need to be made prior to beginning this process. Angel channeling can be easy once you’ve got the hang of it but getting to that stage requires a lot of patience.

The first thing you want to do is set your expectations. Your experience may be completely different from someone else’s so don’t go into this expecting the same. The best thing is to set your expectations as low as possible. The best way to do this is to realize that you probably won’t hear or see an angel in any form.

This is one of the key issues with angel channeling and it’s one of the main reasons that people fail to do it. Often, these thoughts or feelings that are actually angels channeling themselves through you, feel like your normal thoughts.

So many people struggle to differentiate between their own thoughts and those that are the result of angels channeling. As a result, they feel like the entire endeavor has been a waste of time. In fact, their angel may have guided them to exactly where they need to be but the moment has been missed due to lack of faith or impatience.


We’ll get to channeling angels in a moment but first, you need to prepare. Preparation is just as important as the moment itself.

Channeling angels require high vibrational energy in order to succeed. Thus:

  • You can aid this process by consuming a high vibrational diet. Some quick tips would be to avoid drugs (including alcohol), processed food, and anything high in sugar.
  • You can also prepare your room as well. If you’re perhaps trying to channel an archangel then focus on their color.
  • You can burn candles or incense, make use of crystals or a crystal ball to set the energy of the room, you could even listen to a guided meditation that focuses on channeling angels.
  • Your angels (at least your guardian angels) are always watching over you but sometimes they need you to put a little extra effort into trying to match their vibrational energy speed.

How to Channel Angels

Meditation is an invaluable tool for angel channeling. As this is a very personal experience between you and your angel, it’s best to make sure you won’t be disturbed.

If you’re not great at solo meditation or aren’t sure what to do, there are plenty of guided meditations online exactly for this purpose. In basic terms, you want to focus on your breathing until you enter into a meditative or trance-like state.

One of the best ways to do this is to focus on each breath. Notice when your breath in begins and when it ends, then follow the breath out from start to finish.

Speaking to your Angels

Don’t worry if your concentration wavers, simply acknowledge that it’s happened, become aware of what thoughts you just had, and then focus on breathing again. When you feel like you’re in a good place, you can start to reach out to your angels.

One of the most important aspects of angel channeling is being able to trust your gut. Don’t fight whatever feelings, emotions, or thoughts come over you once an angel’s channeling begins.

You can say a prayer if you feel that’s the best move to make. You could also just call out to them. Whether it is in your mind or out loud is entirely up to you.

Open up to them

Contact your angels, reach out to them and express your desire to channel their energy. If you’re not sure how to channel then tell them that and allow them to guide you through the rest of the process.

Knowing how to channel angels is a technique taught by angels so they don’t expect you to cover the entire distance the first time. Just let them know that you’re making the effort to.

At this point let them know why you need their help: what is your purpose for seeking an angel’s channeling?

Let it Flow

Sometimes you may get a sign or some indication that you’re now channeling angels but it’s best not to wait for it. When you feel like you’re done for the day, simply look back at the thoughts and feelings you experienced.

Some people like to make a note so that during their next angel channeling they can focus their energy towards the same points or ask for clarification over some confusion.

Some people even make use of a pen and paper to make notes while channeling angels. This is perfectly acceptable and can provide you with a different experience and sometimes leave you with more answers.

How to Channel Spirits

If you’re trying to channel spirits then you’re already on the right track using the techniques mentioned above. You will often hear of people using a Ouija board or a crystal ball.

These can help but are not essential. Following the information above, when you would usually reach out for an angel or angels, you would instead reach out to the spirits.

If you have something specific then focus on that one. Channeling spirits can be more intense so it is recommended you don’t do it alone.

Don’t worry, you won’t come to harm. Only in Hollywood movies do people get attacked by spirits.

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