Garnet Stone – Everything that you need to know about it!


Garnets are perhaps one of the most naturally pleasant gems that you’re likely to come across. The gem naturally forms into a dark red color and is shaped like some sort of mechanical bee-hive. Yet once polished and cut, the gem shines with a bright red. In this article, we will explore some of the meaning associated with the Garnet gemstone. We’ll also take a look at some of the metaphysical properties of the gem as well. This will include examining its interaction with our Chakras as well as some of the benefits you can receive from wearing Garnet jewelry.

Garnet  – The name ‘Garnet’ actually has its origins in Latin (Garanatus) which refers to something as being seed-like. Specifically, this refers to the similar color and appearance of the crystal to a pomegranate. If you ever cut open a pomegranate and look inside, you’ll see the striking resemblance it as to the Garnet crystal. Of course, the stone has other meanings besides simply resembling a fruit.

Garnet Meaning

It would be impossible to discuss the Garnet crystal meaning without looking at where the name originates from. Due to its almost blood-like color, the Garnet stone has a somewhat bleak and violent history.

The earliest instances of this gem being used are found in Ancient Sumer around 2100BCE but we find examples of these stones in Ancient Greece, Rome, Sweden, Medieval Europe, aka Middle Ages, Asia and pretty much anywhere else you can think of.

Those carrying these gems believed that they represented a search for truth, a confidence in one’s own faith and would help guide the way.

It’s no surprise then that these gems were found on weapons and goblets of Crusader Knights during the Christian Crusades. This tradition can be found in other societies as well.

In Asia, soldiers believed that this gem would inflict more damage upon enemies. So when slingshots were the primary weapon, soldiers would hurl Garnets.

As weaponry became more advanced, these gems found their way onto bullets. Of course, not all the beliefs and meanings surrounding the gem were battle-oriented.

Many found that the gem aided in the expansion of consciousness and awareness. It was also said to improve the limits of one’s mind within the realm of creativity and imagination.

The Garnet stone meaning today is a little different and tends to be focused more on the spiritual than the physical.

Metaphysical Properties of Garnet

While past civilizations viewed this gemstone as an ender of life (or at least used it alongside weapons that did) nowadays we view the gem as representing life.

Of course, the red color has also been associated with love but in a more minor sense. So whether it is due to the connection of life or love, this gem is also connected naturally to the Heart Chakra or Anahata.

So one of the Garnet healing properties is unblocking this Chakra and restoring positive energy into your spiritual energy flow; It’s interesting to note that the Heart Chakra plays a role in our ability to love others and also ourselves.

Not only that but it is responsible for our desire to come to a peaceful resolution.

If your Heart Chakra is blocked then you may feel yourself shutting down to others, being defensive, holding grudges, having strong feelings of jealousy and even contempt, as well as getting violent urges.

So you can see the importance of having a clear Heart Chakra. To use the gem to achieve this, simply begin to meditate with the stone in one of your hands.

As you begin to enter a meditative state, hold the gem to your Heart Chakra (center of your chest) and visualize the energy flowing from it to you.

Do this until you feel that your Chakra is clear and open to energy.

Garnet Jewelry

Due to its natural beauty, the Garnet crystal has been worn throughout the ages. There are reasons behind doing this beyond accessorizing.

There is an important aspect of this to consider though: Due to the gem’s connection to the Heart Chakra, you want to aid that natural connection as much as possible.

So as with any gem jewelry (e.g. an Agate necklace), there are varying meanings for each type. For example, the Garnet bracelet meaning and the Garnet ring meaning are both the same: they provide the gem’s natural energy to you throughout the time that you’re wearing it.

In comparison, wearing a Garnet crystal necklace will have added benefits. It will allow the gem to remain close to your chest (and as such, your Heart Chakra).

This allows natural energy to flow directly into your Heart Chakra which works to keep it unblocked and free from any negative energy you may come to across., helping in another level the other 12 Chakras

It’s also rather symbolic as you’re wearing a heart gem close to your heart.


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