Young Living Oils for Anxiety and Stress

young living oils for anxiety

Anxiety can create major problems in a person’s life. For some, it will be limited to rare situations such as boarding a plane or a boat. For others, the otherwise simple task of going to the shop or riding a bus can cause debilitating anxiety and have an incredibly negative effect on someone’s life. In this article, we will be exploring young living oils for anxiety and stress. As such, we will take a look at what young oils are, cover the best essential oils for anxiety, and how to use them.

How do you make essential oils calm?

You may be wondering why we’ve paired essential oils and anxiety together. Smell plays a major role in many aspects of life: whether it be the taste of food, the recollection of otherwise forgotten memories, or the detection of a threat, the smell is an incredibly important sense.

Many view aromatherapy as nonsense but scientific studies have found a significant effect of aromatherapy on reducing anxiety and helping with sleep. Young Living oils possess a wide number of powerful and spiritual benefits!

There are many natural products in the world that can clean our physical bodies, relax our minds, and cleanse our spirits. Understanding the meaning behind these oils can help you to learn how best to use each of them. Your angels can guide you toward making the right choices.

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What is a good essential oil for anxiety?

Several and a lot. The downside is the vast range of aromatherapy supplies that exist. To help narrow this list down a bit, this article will focus more on young living oils for anxiety (although not exclusively).

Young Living is an essential oils company that markets products for mental health, spiritual health, emotional wellness, stress relief, and a wide range of other areas. They are a trusted company within the realms of aromatherapy and spirituality.

Many of the young living oils for anxiety can be purchased from any other aromatherapy outlet; we’re just using Young Living as an example. Of course, another option is to create essential oils yourself from natural and home-grown sources such as lavender.


As far as Young Living oils for anxiety go, Valor is an excellent choice. You may view this as more like essential oils for nerves as this tackles either long-term anxiety or difficulty in relaxing prior to an activity or event that triggers your anxiety.

Valor is a blend of frankincense, blue tansy, and black spruce. Valor can be used in a number of ways such as in the morning to kick-start your day, applied as a cologne or perfume so that the scent stays with you all day, or alternatively, use in the evenings to help you relax and sleep before a big day.


The release is another of the Young Living oils for anxiety. It works through promoting harmony and peace within your mind and body and ultimately your spirit as well. The release contains ingredients such as jasmine, sandalwood, spearmint, rose, and blue tansy.

The balance that Release promotes can work to tackle a wide range of issues such as anxiety, stress, anger, and even fear. A release can be diffused for up to one hour, three times throughout the day. It can also be applied directly to the skin (2-4 drops) without having to be diluted.


Lavender may not sound like the other Young Living oils for anxiety but it tackles anxiety in a slightly different manner from the others. You may know lavender better for its sleep-promoting properties but you may be surprised by how major an effect this can have on anxiety.

If you’ve ever been sleep-deprived, you’ve probably felt the negative effects this can have on your mood, including your anxiety. As such, a great night’s sleep can reduce or even stop anxiety. It may not be one of the best essential oils to treat stress and anxiety (at least as far as treating it directly) but it’s a great essential oil to have handy.

One of the great things about Lavender is that it can be used in such a huge range of ways. For example, you can add a few drops to shampoo or body wash, and other skin products to treat your skin and also allow the aroma to stay with you throughout the day.

It can also be applied directly to the skin, be diffused for an hour up to three hours a day or you can even drip a couple of drops on your pillow to help you achieve a relaxing night’s sleep.

Peace and Calming II

The name of this essential oil blend should say it all. Peace and Calming II is an improved version of the previous formula. Peace and Calming II contains relaxing and beneficial ingredients such as Ylang Ylang, German chamomile, black spruce, and bergamot.

This combination of ingredients offers several benefits such as treating anxiety and stress but also improving the appearance of skin through moisturizing and replenishing vital elements.

You can even add Peace and Calming II to your moisturizer or other skin products. It can also be used aromatically to benefit from its stress-relieving properties.

Sacred Frankincense

Essential oils and anxiety don’t always have to interact with each other directly for it to be beneficial. Sacred Frankincense is an incredibly spiritual formula. This pure essential oil is often used alongside spiritual practices such as meditation.

If you find that meditation reduces your anxiety, you may find that meditating with the aroma of Sacred Frankincense not only improves your spiritual reach but also allows the benefit of Sacred Frankincense to reduce anxiety when you smell it in your day-to-day life. This oil is a wonderful addition and tool to your spiritual journey.

Base Ingredients of the Young Living oils for anxiety

While many of these Young Living oils for anxiety have been brewed with other ingredients, you can use many of these ingredients on their own to help fight anxiety and stress. Just to reiterate those that are arguably the most beneficial, they are:

  • Ylang Ylang;
  • Bergamot;
  • Lavender;
  • Sandalwood;
  • Frankincense;
  • Rose;
  • Geranium

Another option is to use smells that you associate with positive and relaxing scenarios. They may be unique to you such as the smell of a plant that grows in your garden or of one that grows in the same room where you carry out your meditation.

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