The Scripting Law of Attraction – Script your Life to be better with these 5 Steps!

scripting law of attraction

The scripting law of attraction is a great method to manifest the blessings in disguise for yourself. All it requires from you is to imagine your life a few years ahead of now to imagine your dreams have become true. 

You need to visualize your life after your dreams have come true and to have in mind these simple and easy 5 steps of the Law of Attraction.

Look at every aspect

You need to write out the script of your life. Write every detail about it, every little detail whether it is important or not. Think of your life 10 years from now, and write about your life 10 years ago.

It is as if you were comparing your life now with your life 10 years ago. How do you wake up after 10 years? How do you dress? How do you talk? Are you in good health? What have you achieved?

Write down about all the blessings that you have now and did not have 10 years ago. Who are you living with? What excites you? What makes you happy and what takes away your happiness?

From the time you wake up till you fall asleep, write down every detail about your day in as much depth as you can.

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Scripting law of attraction in 5 simple steps

Step #1: Recognize sympathetic vibrations – Good attracts good.

As human beings, we vibrate our feelings, which are fueled by what we think about. When we think about something bad, we feel bad; when we think happy thoughts, we feel good!

Those “feeling” vibrations attract “same wavelength” vibrations by deliberation or default. Did you know that if two “Middle C” tuning forks are laying side-by-side and you hit one of them, the other one will vibrate by itself?

Like musical notes, everything in the Universe vibrates. When something is vibrating, it will attract whatever is on the same wavelength, thus positive attracts positive good.

Step #2: Raise your vibrations – the importance of “feeling good.”

The Law of Attraction responds to your negative emotions (low vibrations) by bringing you more negative situations.

But when you awake feeling good, you’ll find that more good things will happen, such as landing an account, receiving money in the mail or claiming a prime parking spot on a crowded street.

Remember that there are only two types of feelings – good and bad. Just have in mind the last time you woke up in a bad mood…. your day seems to spiral downward, and you end up wishing for not leaving the bed and that day to end really soon?

Step #3: Change your mood – you have the power.

You can simply switch your thoughts to something that makes you smile. Everyone has that happy place in their mind; use it when confronted with any negative situation that can challenge you. Just see it with a different perspective.

Most of the time, when a problem presents itself to you and I order to solve it, you just need to look with a different angle/approach to deconstruct it and find the solution. Sometimes the obvious solution is in plain sight and still escapes us.

Just thinking about these things will raise your vibrations and help you feel better. Keep the feeling of going for 16 seconds — the Law of Attraction says this equals 10 hours of work!

Step #4: Follow this four-step process toward “deliberate creation”

  •  Identify what you don’t want;
  •  Get clear about what you do want;
  • Feel what it would be like to have those things;
  • Allow the Universe to bring those things to you.

Step #5: Allow the Law of Attraction to work – the absence of doubt.

Allow (without the slightest doubt) the Law of Attraction to bring you what you want. Belief in yourself is already halfway to your success. If you have any doubt that what you want will manifest, this will delay the Law of Attraction from bringing it to you.

And as you saw, the scripting law of attraction is quite simple to have in mind.

Let go of the fear

You need to be fearless and let go of any doubts that you have in your mind. You need to dream big for yourself. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big. Start dreaming big and put it into writing. This scripting of life attracts dreams towards your life.

You are a painter about to paint your own life. It is not something that you have to show the world or anyone else. This is for you and you alone. All you have to do is put everything into words, deep words with each minute detail.

Finish it with gratitude and hide it away someplace safe. Take it out at least once a year and review it, so you know what you expect out of your own life.

There is magic in your writing

The scripting law of attraction works best when while scripting life you get into more detail and write more. The more, the better it will work and affect you and your life. It can create sound shifts in the vibrational frequencies of your body, mind, and soul.

When your vibrational frequency shifts into a creative state, you will experience a shift in your health, relationships, income, and your entire life and whatever is associated with it.

It is very crucial for you to imagine yourself in the future. This way, you will feel as if you have accomplished your set goals and you will experience higher vibrational frequencies. This is the key to the scripting law of attraction.

Scripting Law of Attraction – Every detail does matters

If you can’t seem to be in the right mind frame where you can think properly, you should invoke the angels and get their help, guidance, and assistance.

You need to be in the right head to get down to every detail that you need to write on paper otherwise it would not be as effective it should be, and thus, the efficiency of the effectiveness would drop.

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