Chrysocolla and How Its Properties Can Turn Your Life Around


Chrysocolla is a stone for all those suffering from emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. Sounds familiar? We thought so. The chrysocolla stone is like an island of peace and calm in a sea of anxiety and challenges. Its blue-green shades catch the eye and intrigue the person to know more about the stone.

What is the meaning behind the chrysocolla crystal?

Some people say chrysocolla is very similar to the earth in its brightness and vibrancy. So why chrysocolla stone is used and what are its properties? We explain everything about this beautiful gemstone starting with the chrysocolla meaning.

We all love to go to the beach. Whether you live near one or if you are on vacation, beaches are usually top of the list of go to places. People go to beaches to have a good time and to admire the beauty but either way there is a feeling attached to beaches that is hard to miss.

Beaches exhibit a sense of calm and peace. They help mute the voices in your head and keep the world at bay letting you relax and unwind. Chrysocolla works just like a beach. It takes away your anxiety and inhibitions as soon as you touch it.

Keeping a chrysocolla gemstone with you will serve as a reminder to take out time for yourself, to learn to let go of the world and to reconnect with your inner self. Chrysocolla meaning is directly linked to water which is vital for life.

This stone is a spiritual representation of the soul in terms of a river. What this essentially means is that your energies flow like a river and it’s vital to let go sometimes and let them flow.

Chrysocolla healing properties

It is often said that good thoughts bear edible fruits and evil thoughts bear bad fruits. This is a straightforward quote that beautifully explains the consequence of having thoughts, good or bad.

In a world full of jealousy and ingenuity, we often fall into the vicious circle of evil thoughts. One leads to another and without us realizing we get lost in a maze unable to find our way out.

The state of our mind directly reflects on how we interact with other people and the energies we exhibit. It defines our vibe. Chrysocolla rids the mind of evil thoughts and helps us focus on positive ones to have a better outlook on life.

Chrysocolla crystal helps cleanse your mind, and hence you become more optimistic, you spread love, and you stay strong in the face of challenges and calamities. A clear head is a strength like no other.

Feminine energy

Chrysocolla is known to bring out your feminine energy. So, it gives you a way of connecting with your inner self. It has a connection with the vibrations of earth and hence tunes your energies with those of nature makes you appreciate and love everything around you.

Chrysocolla opens the throat chakra. Once you’re in control of your mind, you can translate what is in there into effective speech. You are no longer held by your emotions or any other problems that you might be facing.

Often when we are going through something in life, we tend to become distracted and often struggle to get our message across. Chrysocolla chakra will help keep your emotions in check so that they don’t get in the way of you living your life and achieving your goals. It will help you be a better you!

More about the stone and its properties

While it’s clear that chrysocolla can do a lot to turn your life around, but it isn’t magic. To get to the point where you can be in control of your mind and your inner self, it’s essential to put in the effort. Hold the stone in your non-dominant hand and stay quiet for as long as you want to concentrate on the energies of stone.

Once you’ve reached a state of tranquility, visualize an egg in your mind. This sounds stupid, but the egg serves as a metaphor symbolizing the origin of life at its very heart.

There are no set rules, and you can set whichever meditation routine suits you best, but the thing to emphasize here is that you need to take out time for it. We all have busy lives, but no one is going to come to save us from our problems, we have to be our saviors.

More facts about Chrysocolla

Other than riding the mind of evil and giving you power over it, the stone helps establish a secure connection with the mother earth which is also referred to as ‘Gaia which is a Greek word meaning mother goddess.

The earth is large, and although we seem insignificant, in the larger picture the interaction among all living things is what builds a system and keeps it running. Chrysocolla blue-green shades remind us of the living nature of our planet and our role within it.

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