Love Frequency of 528 Hz – Learn more about it!

love frequency

Everything in the world is made up of energy. This energy can neither be created nor can it be destroyed. The energy vibrates at different vibrational frequencies due to which it gets its unique nature. The love frequency is 528 Hz which results in a pathway to healing abilities while leading you towards a beautiful experience of love. Everything at some point in time requires healing, and to heal love relationships; you need to vibrate with the 528 Hz frequency.

Introducing the Love Frequency

Dr. Leonard Horowitz first introduced the concept of the 528 Hz frequency. It is known to be at the core of the “Musical Mathematical Matrix of Creation”. The 528 Hz frequency was known as the love frequency because any frequency other than this can’t be felt in the heart itself. The 528 frequencies are heard in the heart of everything. It can connect your heart with other hearts, and your heart to anything else.

When the heart vibrates at the love frequency you hear it beating inside your chest like a drum and that moment, you know that something is going on inside your heart.

The Power of 528 Hz

When you believe in something, you are to believe in it fully otherwise there is no point in believing in it. The love frequency is also such that the stronger you believe in its abilities, the more effect it will have on you. The stronger your belief, the faster and more effectively it will be able to restore the damage done to your heart.

A research had been conducted which concluded that if the frequencies that disrupted the natural functioning of the body, mind, and soul were to be eliminated, they would decrease the risk of being exposed to deadly diseases. Thus, this implies that the 528 frequencies being a positive frequency for the body, is essential to be present for good functioning of the body, mind, and the soul.

The Solfeggio Frequencies

The Solfeggio Frequencies comprise 6 unique type of frequencies, which are toned to scale. The love frequency is one of them. These frequencies are known to have ancient connections when they were formally organized in the 10th century by a monk who belonged to the Benedictine roots.

These 6 different frequencies have been known to raise the vibrational frequencies of human beings and the objects around them.

Each of these 6 frequencies resonates at a different level that is why they are unique. They keep you in a state of peace and harmony. They have been discussed briefly here:

1st Frequency – 936 Hz

To connect you to the light of the universe and is the primary function of the 936 Hz frequency. If you lose your connection to the highest energy, it will help you reconnect to it.

2nd Frequency – 852 Hz

When you fail to see the truth in life and can’t seem to have a clear direction to your intuition, you should make use of the 852 Hz frequency which will open your mind to see the truth and develop an aligned intuition.

3rd Frequency – 741 Hz

If you think you are lacking in problem-solving skills and can’t seem to express yourself fully, then the 741 Hz is the frequency you need to vibrate at. It will help you cleanse your body, mind, and soul while giving you a chance at enhancing the problem-solving skills and giving access to better self-expression.

4th Frequency – 528 Hz

As discussed above, this is the love frequency. It is known to attract love into your life and is also known to have the ability to perform miracles or even repair your DNA.

5th Frequency – 417 Hz

We deal with changes in our everyday lives, and it gets very hard to keep up with these changes sometimes. Thus, you can vibrate with the 417 Hz frequency to make it easier for yourself to deal with these changes that occur now and then.

6th Frequency – 396 Hz

Fear and guilt are nothing less than a part of your life. When you plan your goals, you are afraid in your mind of not achieving them. To get rid of such fear, you can vibrate with the 396 Hz frequency to better achieve your goals and be on the road to success.

More About Frequencies

There are many frequencies other than the Solfeggio Frequencies which have their benefits. For example, the 444 Hz frequency is not one of the Solfeggio frequencies but is known to be a powerful healer. When vibrating at this frequency, you will be forced to go into a meditative state which will stimulate the heart chakra. Listening to music at this frequency is highly recommended as the feelings of happiness increase.

Having a strong immune system is very important to function properly. The ideal frequency to make this happen is 62-68 Hz. Anything lower than this makes you susceptible to diseases and thus the chances for you to get a sick increase.

Knowing about different vibrational frequencies is important if you want to function properly.

How to Make Use of the Love Frequency?

Being a positive frequency, it will make you experience feelings of happiness and will put your mind at ease. Your intention will be resonating with harmony and not only will you be experiencing good vibrations, but people around will also be experiencing the same.

Thus, you can make use of your love frequency by vibrating at it and making others benefit from it as well.

If at any point in time you think you are falling short on anything, you can always call upon the Angels to help, guide, and assist you with whatever sort of help you require. All that is needed is a small prayer with good intent and pure heart. The angels are always available to help you – believe in them and their abilities!

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