How to revitalize your energy centers

revitalize your energy centers

Do you continuously feel tired? To get out of this vicious circle and restore your inner being’s vigor, there is a simple means you can put into practice in order to clean and rebalance and revitalize your energy centers.

Explore full awareness and get back in shape!

Why should you seek to awaken your energy centers?

During the day, we live in a physical environment that is most often negative: noise, pollution, diverse aggressions. We also live in a psychic environment that is no better: fatigue, anxiety, violence…

All these harmful forces add up and agglutinate on our energy centers, covering them day after day, year after year, with an ever-growing layer that is extremely harmful to our balance, our health, our intuition, our conscience.

Our nights are restless, our dreams are often unpleasant and we are often more tired when we wake up than we were when we went to bed.

Then, another day comes with its string of bad choices. Then, another night starts, one that seems endless. This is how we end up caught in a vicious circle.

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What is it that we call energy Centers?

There are 7 main energy centers, which are also called chakras. They are harmoniously spread along our “etheric body”.

  • The 1st one is located at the bottom of our backbone, at the level of the perineum; when balanced, it favors strength and well-being.
  • The 2nd one is located at the level of the sexual organ; when balanced, it favors creativity and, of course, sexuality.
  • The 3rd one is located at the level of the solar plexus; when balanced, it favors our enthusiasm and sensitivity to people, places, and life circumstances.
  • The 4th one lies in the Center of the Heart. It is the Middle of the Being; when balanced, it favors love: the love you can give or the love you can receive.
  • The 5th one is called Center of the Throat; when balanced, it favors sharing with others and the strength to convince people.
  • The 6th one is located in the middle of our forehead: it is usually called “3rd eye“; when balanced, it favors intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, divination.
  • The 7th one is called the “Crown“; when balanced, it favors a close relationship with the Higher Powers.

Make sure you remember where they are located because you will need to know this if you want to successfully put into practice the Magic Breathing exercise I will suggest that you do.

Preparation for the exercise

Here are a few tips to devote yourself to the “Magic Breathing” exercise, also called “full-awareness breathing”, I will now teach you…

When to revitalize your energy centers better?

The ideal time to perform it is at night before you go to bed. Turn off the radio or TV and go to a room where you know no one will disturb you. Sit down on a cushion, on the ground, and cross your legs as you maintain your back straight.

How to put Magic Breathing into practice

Take deep breaths through the nose while you imagine that the air you let into your lungs is light. Spread this light in the energy center you have chosen to clean and hold your breath for a moment, time enough for you to feel it vibrating.

Then, blow the air out forcefully through your mouth in order to expel all the negativity that lies in your energy Center and that was burnt by the light that entered your lungs.

I promise that, if you do this conscientiously, you will have a good night’s sleep and a good day after that.

You might even be completely revitalized if you perform this exercise for each center 7 times in a row. Repeat the operation every week for 7 weeks.

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