Starseeds… what is a Starseed? Plus 20 signs that you are one!


What is a Starseed? Let’s answer that first… most of us have a habit of feeling lonely or alienated at times but, do you ever look at the sky and can’t seem to get your eyes off the stars? Or do you ever wonder that you might have wrongly been sent to Earth and rather you should have existed on some other planet; perhaps Mars?

Does it ever happen that you feel as if Earth is not your home and it doesn’t give you the “HOME” feeling? If all of those mentioned above is what you witness occasionally, then you are considered as a Starseed.

Starseed children

The official definition of a Starseed is an individual who has witnessed life on other planets than Earth; whether it is in human form or not. Children who are shy and introverts are recognized to be Starseed children.

Their imaginative skills are very creative and can’t be compared to those of normal children. These prefer to be alone and spend time with themselves or with nature and animals.

They can be seen to sometimes witness immense hyperactivity due to their oversensitive nature. However, these Starseed children are highly intelligent; they might not reflect on their grades.

Not being able to forget unusual experiences in their childhood is one of their special traits. Unlike normal children, Starseed children are special in their way.

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Starseed personality traits

Being very different from normal people, Starseed tends to experience more unusual things than ordinary people. Being extremely sensitive leads to their empathic nature; which acts as their sixth sense.

Being empathic means to have a feel and sense the emotions of other people as if they were your own. It is an incredible feeling but at the same time have a lot of disadvantages.


Being an introvert leads them to a very antisocial life. It results in boredom, occasionally. It being common for a Starseed to not have much in common with other people leads them to spend most of their time with themselves.

A Starseed do not prefer to be in the everyday RUSH life of “normal” people and rather would stay in a quiet place all by themselves. All of these traits make it a special person in this world.

20 signs that you are a Starseed!

  • Being a child, you could not fit in the society of other kids; finding it hard to adapt to the group of normal kids.
  • Being on Earth, you feel a strong urge to want to go home. The urge can’t be described in words but is pretty strong.
  • Having been experienced paranormal activities at a young age. For example, the seeing of spirits, seeing into the future or having an alien encounter.
  • Being very sensitive is a built-in system of yours (which necessarily may not be true).
  • Having an empathic nature and feeling the emotions of others as if they were your own.
  • To know what the other person is going to say in a conversation hinders your communication skills.
  • You are timeless, which is a result of dreams of other planets and existence there.
  • You are more concentrated on yourself and tend to be left alone to your state. The fire of desire to do something big is burning inside you (even if you do not know what it is yet!)
  • Most of your dreams are of the planet, in places that, in your conscious mind, do not exist.
  • Young kids fascinate you as if they are the only beings who can wholly understand you.
  • Nature and animals are the two things with which you have a very deep connection. Your abilities to communicate with them exist on a different level.
  • Considered to be “Strange” but normal people, you can’t fit into the society.
  • You do not have a lot of friends as you like to spend time alone.
  • People find it difficult to understand and thus, you feel alienated by your own family and friends. It may lead you to think that you were adopted.
  • Busy places with a huge crowd can overwhelm you as you know how the energy of a surrounding or a person can affect you. This leads to you creating energy protection techniques so that you can handle yourself around other people.
  • You have a natural healing ability. It is a psychic gift from God.
  • The work of the universe makes more sense to you than any ordinary individual. The understanding comes from within you.
  • You are well aware of the fact that you are a starseed and you may be aware of other planets where you have spent time earlier.
  • Being a starseed, you know your purpose on Earth, and thus, you work towards that purpose.
  • You know that you are not a normal person and that you are ranked as a spiritual being.

Being a Starseed requires you to take out a good amount of time for yourself so that you can meditate and find out the truth about your existence.

By being a Starseed, you have abilities that can be beneficial for humanity as a whole. To shine your light upon the rest of the people around you makes a huge difference in their lives.

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