Angel communication

angel communication

This article strives to help you tell the difference when looking for signs of angel communication by covering the 5 main signs.  It will also look at how to communicate with angels and how angels communicate with us.

So, how can you tell when a sign is your imagination or when it’s been sent by a higher being? Since there are so many different ways angels can communicate with us, it is often hard to distinguish truth from imagination.

Sign of Angelic communication

It can often be challenging to know when an angel is trying to communicate with you. One of the more tricky methods of how angels communicate with us is signs. The reason this can be challenging is that a coincidence could also appear to be a sign.

Sometimes a coincidence isn’t a coincidence at all and IS, in fact, a sign. So you can see why it can be difficult to interpret.

Angel communication can serve a range of functions and provide many benefits! You can learn to communicate with angelic beings incredibly easily, but that’s only the first step along your spiritual journey.

Choosing to communicate with angels symbolizes your readiness to accept their guidance, wisdom, and support. Place your trust in them in order to learn to trust yourself.

You can start by reaching out to your Guardian Angel!

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Can you communicate with angels?

Some examples of signs of an angel communication with someone could be finding a penny on the ground or a white feather. The feather represents the presence of an angel.

The signs can be a little more obvious such as turning the radio on just as a storm warning is announced. Similarly, you may tune in just as details of a charity event that is looking for volunteers are mentioned.

This is a surprisingly rare occurrence considering how well-known it is. All holy books and religions have some version of this. Even those who aren’t religious will reach this level through meditation or other forms of inner-exploration.

The truth is that angel communication through dreams tends to only take place when you reach a similar vibrational level as them. You see, everything in this universe has a different speed of vibrational energy.

To better connect with angels and God, we need higher vibrational energy. This is often why meditating or praying or even dreaming can lead to such revelations. Reaching these levels makes an angel’s communication easier and clearer.

Angel communication through your Own Mind

We have all experienced this in some form or another. That gut instinct to avoid a certain road, to phone a family member, to check your tire pressure. This is another example of how angels communicate with us.

They don’t alter our thoughts or control our minds; they simply trigger awareness of an issue; similar to a little red flag appearing so you know that something is wrong. You may not know what is wrong and sometimes you never will.

You just know that by choosing that certain path you made it home safe or your loved one is ok. Angels have a much better grasp of the bigger picture than us. They can see how one action leads to another and how it will affect the next.

So while we can only see what is happening right now, in the present and the very obvious futures, angels can see a whole network of connections. So when you get that gut instinct, it can often be a good idea to trust that it’s a form of angelic communication.

Just don’t confuse it with your own desires. We sometimes convince ourselves that our own wants are examples of an angel’s communication as an excuse to follow them. Just take a minute and question whether it’s more likely to be you or an angel’s communication.

Communicating with angels Telepathically

This method sounds a little intense but it’s not as crazy as it seems. You communicate with angels or God all the time through prayer. Telepathy is just another method of how angels communicate with us.

This doesn’t mean they read through your thoughts and memories, so don’t worry. It simply means they can temporarily alter your brain’s perception of certain senses.

To give you a few examples that you’re probably aware of: visions, smells, sounds, even your sense of touch. Communicating with angels this way is not particularly common.

Examples of Telepathic Angelic communication

Just know that these forms of angel communication are not always as straightforward as they may seem. For example, when an angel’s communication is through visions, that doesn’t mean you will see an angel standing before you.

It could be that you see colored lights, perhaps a feather that isn’t there, you may simply see a shimmer in front of you. Obviously, with smells, you don’t smell an angel. This is less to do with angel communication and more to do with an angelic presence.

If you smell something sweet then it is a sign that an angel was or is present. The sound is another tricky one. You could very well experience angel communication through a voice or singing.

However, it could also be something less obvious such as a bell ringing or even trumpets or horns. Angel communication through touch is also a tricky one.

Some describe this as being like receiving a warm hug, others like a hand guiding them while some have felt a light tap on the shoulder. So you can see that angels have their work cut out for them.

Angel communication through Technology

Of course, angels keep up with modernity. While angel communication through doves or shapes in the clouds is rarely seen now, new methods have to be used to get the attention of today’s world.

It may not have crossed your mind that you could communicate and talk to the angels through technology but angelic communication comes in all forms.

Have you ever had a webpage close itself down? Perhaps an ad randomly pops up that reminds you of something important you have to do? We’ve all experienced a moment where we desperately need to make a call and our phone goes from zero bars to full signal.

These can all be forms of angel communication. Sometimes an angel’s communication through these methods is confused with faults in technology. Imagine that you’re working but have somewhere to be at a certain time.

When for no reason, your phone screen lights up and you notice the clock, which alerts you to how close to being late you were. This could be a fault or it could be a form of angelic communication.

Many wonder how to communicate with angels through technology and whether it’s possible. There are some pages where you can submit prayers.

While they aren’t chosen by angels, angels can notice an electronic prayer in a similar way to actually praying.

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