Prayer for Personal Healing – Everything you need to know!

prayer for personal healing

It’s not uncommon for people to be unaware of the depths of the communication with God. We are all connected with Him, we are His creation, yet here we are unaware of ways to speak to him. Not that He doesn’t understand us when we talk to him, but prayers are ways that God has shown preference towards as they involve various actions that have different spiritual effects that intensify the connection between God and us. Let’s explore more about why you should have a Prayer for Personal Healing

Prayer for Personal Healing – Why we must pray? Of course, we are not able to fend off all the troubles that life throws at us ourselves. We need to be able to ask God for help whenever we are in need. And sometimes when you’re down and hurt, and not just physically and mentally but spiritually, you need some help from above. So, might as well know how to engage in a conversation with God knowing how to please Him.

Prayer for Personal Healing and God:

The prayers don’t just work the traditional way it is rumored to go about. The rumor being that you stand in front of God with your humility and shame and ask HIM in all true faith what you need. And all the time appraising and being grateful for the blessings you have been given to by Him but there is more to it. It is quoted at numerous places that when we are establishing contact with God, especially through prayer, God is also working through us.

People might find this hard to believe, but God does work in mysterious ways, does He not? One of those mysterious ways is through us. And why not? We have gotten ourselves into trouble, and it is only right that we get out of them ourselves.

Since God is merciful and benevolent, He has given his creatures the gift of the tongue to speak and ask for what they require. And when He sees fit, He comes to the aid of the subject. God works through us and fixes our lives, helps us fight our biggest and greatest fears and become the better version of ourselves we always hope to be. He will accept our prayer for personal healing.

Healing Scriptures:

Having the right set of words to speak in front of God doesn’t matter but knowing what to say is. That’s why in various situations, you might feel a little estranged when vocalizing your thoughts in front of God. You need to be able to know how to express your need while also remaining as faithful a servant as you can. Because it’s Him you’re talking to.

No higher power can accept the prayer of healing. But at the same time, that should be your motivation. Since He’s all-powerful, you don’t have to worry about it not working and use that to your advantage. Be dedicated to the prayer of healing; devotion is the key. In times of sickness, you need healing prayers. Not always do we find ourselves in the situation that a healing prayer can be offered by someone else for you. Therefore prayers for personal healing should be offered. Healing scriptures can be learned to help you offer a good prayer for personal healing.

Prayer for Personal Healing:

 I am here in front of you Lord, and I offer this prayer solely because I believe you to be the only one who can save me. I confess I’m a sinner, and I don’t deserve it, but I have no one else I can turn to, this is my last resort, and You are my only savior. I know that if You want this to be healed, it will be. I need you today as I needed you always. In the name of all that is holy, Amen!!


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