Prayers for a Job – Simple guide to carry out prayers for employment

prayers for a job

When it comes to finding a job in today’s world, it can get a little tough. If you find yourself struggling in terms of what to do, where to turn, or who to ask for help, it may be high time you contacted your angels.

There are many prayers for a job that you could choose to carry out: whether you need a prayer to find a job that suits you, prayers to get a job once you find one, or even a prayer for employment development in your current role.

In this article, we will take a look at how to construct a prayer to suit your needs.

Original Prayer

When reciting a prayer for a job, the best approach is to make the prayer original and specific to your own situation. You could go online and find any number of prayers that somebody else has created but chances are that it won’t completely apply to you and what you hope to achieve.

That’s why this article is more of a guide to praying for a job rather than simply a list of potential prayers. Look at it this way: your angels or whichever higher being you pray to is going to help you whether the prayer is entirely your own work or not.

Would you feel good about not putting the effort in though? So whether you need a prayer to find a job or a prayer for a job for a friend or even a prayer for job satisfaction, the following example should give you some material to work with.

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Example of Prayers for a Job

We’ll now take a look at an example of one of many possible prayers for a job that you could carry out. This example is meant as just that: an example.

However, you can use it as a template if you wish. To start with, you want to address the higher being at whom the prayer is directed. If they have helped you in the past then it is always best to acknowledge this and thank them for it.

This is just good manners. You then want to lay out the issue. So if you are carrying out prayers for a job for you or a friend, be sure to mention that:

Dear Angels of Heaven,

I understand that I’ve asked you for help before and

my gratitude for your help in the past will never be forgotten.

I call out for your aid just now as my friend Ted is in desperate need of a job.

He is well educated and an amazing human being but just has no luck right now.

I want to help him through this dark time in his life but

I fear that without some assistance from above, he’ll never escape this rut.

Please, I beg that you help him and

provide him with guidance in whatever way you can.

I am eternally grateful. Amen!


Of course, any prayer needs to have certain expectations set beforehand. A job prayer may sound like a simple task but if you’re expecting to receive a phone call by the time you’ve finished then you may be a little disappointed.

Praying for a job often leads to a moment of self-discovery. More often than not, the answer lies not in the outside world but within the individuals themselves.

When it comes to finding employment, the problem can often be traced back to a trait of some sort. It could be that anxiety is holding the person back; perhaps they lack motivation or self-determination.

So it could be that whomever you pray to simply help them find their way but expect this to be a gradual process.

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