Guide to Amethyst Meanings and Uses


There are almost too many gems, crystals and stones to keep track of, let alone all their different meanings and uses (of which there can be many). In this article, we will aim to focus on one stone in particular, the Amethyst.

Amethyst Gemstone – Is a bright, purple gem with an interesting history. While sapphires, rubies and diamonds are valued more in the world today, throughout human history the Amethyst stone was viewed as the prize jewel. You will find the stone appearing in many collections: within Ancient Egyptian headwear and jewelry to the Royal Crown Jewels in Britain. In the United States the Smithsonian boasts a 400 pound Amethyst! Even within religions such as Christianity, this purple jewel makes an appearance, whether it be an Amethyst ring belonging to a Bishop or as a reference within the Bible itself.

Amethyst Crystal Meanings

We’ll explore the Amethyst meaning (and how this can vary) as well as taking a look at how you can make use of the Amethyst healing properties, to hopefully provide you with a clearer understanding of its role both in the world today and throughout history.

We’ll start off by exploring some of the more basics aspects of the stone!  So what meanings does the Amethyst hold? Well for starters, it is considered to be the birthstone of Pisces. However its meaning has varied quite a bit throughout human history. To give you a few examples, we must take a look back to around 25,000BC. Even if we look as far back as the Neolithic Period in Europe, we can find examples of these gems being viewed as unique and special. Then through Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire and Greek civilizations we find that the gem was viewed as a symbol of royalty. These societies also believed that the gem could prevent both drunkenness and overindulgence which was why many goblets would be studded with the gem.

Once we reach the Renaissance, the stone’s meaning began to change. Rather than being indicative of power or royalty, it became a symbol of modesty and humility. This was when you’d find the Amethyst attached to the rings or scepters of higher-ranking clergy or Arch-Bishops. Nowadays the symbolic nature of the gem has practically vanished. It’s now recognized as a meditative agent due to its ability to calm the mind, release tensions and improve contentment and spiritual connections. Of course from a practical point it is viewed as an example of one of the powerful healing stones. Let’s explore that idea further.

Metaphysical Properties of Amethyst Stones

When it comes to these sorts of stones, gems and crystals, there are always a variety of roles that they can play. It could be physical, mental, spiritual or all three. There are many ways you can use energy crystals such as this so we’ll explore some of the healing properties of Amethyst stones. We’ll start with its connection to your Chakras.

Chakra Connection

Many stones and gems have a natural connection to one of our Chakras. The Amethyst Chakra connection is with the Crown Chakra. This Chakra (as the name suggests) is the highest Chakra on your body and sits either at the top of your head or slightly above (like a crown). Interestingly the color of Amethyst is the same as the color which represents the Crown Chakra: deep purple. The Crown Chakra is associated with higher levels of consciousness and spirituality, higher levels of awareness and communication with higher beings. The connection between the gem and this Chakra becomes more apparent when we explore Chakra cleansing.

There are some signs you can watch out for if you’re worried about a blocked Chakra. For the Crown Chakra these signs are: feeling closed-minded, losing yourself in thought (or daydreams), losing track of your spiritual path and even feeling disconnected from your spirit, and (on the other end of things) and obsession with spiritual matters at the expense of physical and emotional matters. In order to cleanse your Crown Chakra, you can use the gem in several different ways. The simplest would be holding it above your head during meditation and visualizing the deep purple color as an energy seeping into your Crown Chakra. Feel the warm, healing energy as your Chakras become clear, open and balanced.


You don’t have to own Royal Crown Jewels or a Christian Bishop staff to make use of Amethyst jewelry. Many people will attach the gem to a ring, necklace, bracelet or an item of clothing. You may be wondering if there is a difference between the Amethyst necklace meaning and the bracelet meaning. The short answer is no. Provided you’re wearing the gem, it doesn’t matter whether it is around your neck, wrist, finger or person.

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