Exploring the Meaning and Uses of Prehnite!


Prehnite is a rather bizarre looking crystal. It will quite often resemble a life form rather than a stone and in many ways this ties into the prehnite meaning. There are a variety of different types and colors of this crystal, including green prehnite, and this is something that we’re going to explore within this article. We’re also going to take a look at the meaning, the prehnite metaphysical properties, and some of the different ways you can make use of this stone’s natural power, including the prehnite healing properties. Let’s start off by exploring the basics of the stone.

Back to Basics

Prehnite stones come in a wide variety of forms and colors. The most common (both in terms of discovery and discussion) is certainly the green prehnite. The shade of green can differ from pale green to lime green to yellow-green to basically any light shade of green you can imagine.  However, you can also get colorless crystals as well as forms of blue, white, orange, and pink.

The crystals typically look like they’ve had most of the color drained out of them. This is a brittle, uneven, and rather chaotic crystal that can be found in a number of locations throughout the world. So where can you find these crystals? Due to how common this crystal is, buying one is relatively easy and you’d find that most crystal vendors will have some form of prehnite crystals. The first discovery of it was believed to have been in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, sometime in the late 1700s.



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However, given that the crystal has also been found in Canada, China, Scotland and Australia, it is expected to be buried on each and every continent. It gets its name from the person who first discovered it: Hendrik von Prehn.

The Love Stone

Prehnite is often referred to as the stone for love. The name relates to the prehnite properties, particularly the prehnite healing properties. We’ll cover these in more detail in a moment but first, let’s discuss some of the other meanings surrounding this crystal, including its history.

The stone, despite being more closely connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Heart Chakra, actually shares many similarities with the Third Eye Chakra. This is largely due to its ability to improve psychic abilities and enhance our access to our inner-knowledge.

For these reasons, the stone is sometimes referred to as The Third Eye stone or even just The Eye. Shamans within South Africa and South America are believed to have used this stone regularly for rituals. For this reason, it’s possible that the discovery of this crystal dates back much, much further than the 1700s, possibly all the way back to Ancient Civilizations.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for discoveries to be based on when Western societies find something while the native societies are completely ignored. So let’s take a look at some of the ways that prehnite crystals can be used.

Prehnite Metaphysical Properties

As we delve into the metaphysical properties of prehnite, we find that it serves a wide range of functions. Some of these have ties to shamanism, such as improving precognitive abilities and enhancing the vivid nature of dreams, but others are more directly related_posts to Western ideals and problems.

For example, we’ll take a look at how prehnite can help you focus your love into one place or person as well as helping to unclutter energy, thoughts, and emotions. We’ll start off by taking a look at its impact on precognition.


Precognition is the ability to sense or know things before they happen. It can range from getting a bad feeling right before a negative event unfolds but can also include knowing information before it is shared with you, such as having a feeling that you got a job before you receive the phone call to confirm it. Prehnite stones can naturally enhance this ability in order to help focus your gift.

Simply by wearing this stone or carrying it on you, you’ll find that these precognitions feel less like hunches or guesses, and more like memories. Of course, these are memories that you have before an event unfolds.

There are a number of other ways through which you can enhance precognitive abilities with prehnite. If you have a large number of stones, you can meditate with them surrounding you on the floor and actually focus your energy into receiving a precognitive thought.

This technique will work with some people better than others, but it’s important to manage your expectations. If you push a thought into your mind then the process won’t work. You have to remain open to what drifts into your conscious mind naturally.


Mental and spiritual uncluttering is something that impacts Western cultures far more than others. Western societies are often more detached from their spirit and so physical and emotional imbalances can lead to cluttered thoughts and feelings.

Even for those of us who explore our spirituality and try our best to bring a balance between the three states (physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual), it can be difficult to achieve balance in this crazy and chaotic world we live in. It’s important to realize that prehnite isn’t a magical cure to this: it’s not going to instantly balance out your spirituality with your material goals.

However, it can be of great help and when used correctly, there is a much higher chance of noticing a difference. Many people will meditate with prehnite in order to focus their mind and prioritize various aspects of their lives. Meditation is already a powerful tool for finding your path and discovering inner-knowledge but it is amplified by the use of prehnite.

It’s important to have a goal in mind before you begin. You can simply empty your mind and see what surfaces but ideally you want to direct your thoughts a little bit. For example, if you were trying to make a decision, you might keep the question in your mind, such as “should I take this new job and quite my old one?”

Focusing on Love

Now we can take a look at one of the reasons prehnite is known as the stone for love, and this point relates closely to the uncluttering traits that this crystal can offer. Sometimes, we struggle to know where to direct our love.

Love is a vague term and can relate to pretty much any aspect of your life. It could be a romantic love, or it could be love for family or friends. Similarly, you might love a hobby, a city, a country, an animal, or pretty much anything else in the world.

The problem is that not all things are as deserving of your love as others and when we misdirect this love, we can open ourselves up to negative energy and emotions. If you have overwhelming feelings of love but you’re concerned that you should be focusing them elsewhere, meditate with this stone and hold it up to your Heart Chakra.

Prehnite is connected with this Chakra and it opens up channels through which energy can flow. Focus on each thing that you love and feel the natural pull of those that you should direct your love towards.

Nightmares and Dreams

We find ourselves returning to one of the older uses of prehnite: something that shamans have been doing for countless generations. Dreams and nightmares are often viewed as polar opposites, but what constitutes a nightmare? Are they something we find unpleasant? Are they something we are scared of?

Nightmares may not lead to us waking up with a smile on our faces but that doesn’t mean that we should be scared of them. For those people with any level of psychic gifts or deep spiritual connections, nightmares can be glimpses of the future or warnings.

That being said, prehnite can help improve the vividness of dreams and reduce the appearance of nightmares. That’s not to say that you won’t still experience bad dreams, but when you do you’ll have a clearer sense of going on, you’ll feel less confused, and you’ll have a higher level of control within your dream. It’s important that you don’t shut yourself off entirely from the experience though.

Instead, open yourself up to whatever the bad dream is and look for a sense of meaning. You can simply keep prehnite in your room, ideally next to your bed or under your pillow, in order to notice these effects.

Prehnite healing properties

Even though most of the prehnite properties are metaphysical in nature, this crystal has been known to offer some physical properties as well, particularly related_posts to healing. Prehnite has often been described as the healing stone for the healer as it can be used on you and doesn’t require someone else’s participation. It has been suggested prehnite can help with bringing balance to the body and aids kidney problems, lung problems, and hormone imbalances.

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