How to Release Fear

Release Fear

We all have things that we fear: whether it is spiders, people, heights, needles, snakes, dogs or bees. Often, we can feel overwhelmed by this fear and it can build itself up until it becomes a spiritual or mental block, putting a dampener on our lives. In this article, we will explore some of the various ways through which you can release fear. This includes taking a look at the Archangel Michael fear meditation (a form of angel release) which is just one way to conquer fears embrace destiny and feel more positive about life.

Why Do We Fear?

There are a near infinite number of reasons why we fear. Fears can be the result of a traumatic experience, they can be passed down through DNA and simply be intuition, they can be scars from previous lives or they can be handed to us by higher beings. We aren’t always going to be aware of what caused any given fear but we can work on ways to release fear from our bodies, minds and souls. As we advance spiritually, we move away from insignificant fears. Ask yourself: what would an angel fear? Very little in relation to themselves, one would imagine.

So when we decide to release fear, we can quite often forget the reason why we have that fear and instead focus on removing the essence of these fears. This is particularly true of fears we carry from previous lives. We have no reason to fear these things and so working through these forms of fear can be easier than others as it’s solely a spiritual scar. Some view this as a form of destiny fears embrace, something that’s tied to us for all eternity but that is not the case.

Release fear with Archangel Michael

You may be wondering why we contact Archangel Michael in times of fear. Well, it’s mainly due to his role as an Archangel. Michael is perhaps most well-known for his battle against evil in an effort to aid in the development of good. Fears are based on our perception of evil as we tend to automatically view fears as being inherently negative. There is no rationality behind fearing that which is good. Archangel Michael has a commitment to helping humanity grow, something that it would struggle to do if cowering in fear. That is why we have such a thing as an Archangel Michael fear meditation.

Archangel Michael Fear Meditation

When you ask for Archangel Michael’s help to release fear, he doesn’t just snap his fingers and make it disappear. Rather, he guides you inwards to your own strengths, perceptions and knowledge so that you can win this battle on your own. You can start this meditation off the same as any other: prepare the room, get some time alone where things are peaceful and quiet, then get in a comfortable position and begin taking some slow, deep breaths.

As you enter into the meditative state, focus on the purpose of your communication with Archangel Michael. You are of course asking for his help to release fear but the more specific you can be the better. You may want to begin with a mantra such as “I call to Archangel Michael to help me release fear”. Something simple like that will allow your mind to focus. You then want to ask yourself: why would releasing fears embrace help? What good would come of conquering this fear? Perhaps explore why you’ve never tried to get over this fear in the past. The more open you can be at this stage the more beneficial the experience will be.

Other Options

Of course there are other options to consider if you don’t wish to contact Archangel Michael. You can release fear entirely on your own by following this alternative approach. Sometimes our battle is a result of our spirit or mind taking control of our body. You’ll often find that when fear grips you tight, you can’t move or have full control of your own actions. As such, we sometimes need to intervene in this connection, something which we shall explore now.

Ignore the Past and Future

When we encounter a fear, we will often struggle to control our thoughts which can lead to us stressing over what might happen or panicking because of what has happened before in a similar situation. For example, if you’ve been bitten by a dog and suddenly come face to face with a rather unfriendly-looking canine, you may suddenly remember the previous encounter. You may even feel the spot where you were bitten before or suddenly fear for where this one could bite you.

It’s hard to do in this situation but in order to release fear, you want to take at least three (although ideally four or five) deep breaths; in through your nose and out through your mouth. Bring yourself back to the present moment. This breathing technique helps to release any built-up negative energy and can allow your mind to focus. You then want to put things in perspective with fresh eyes. You then want to consider the absolute worst-case scenario. If we use the dog example, are there people around? Surely they would help. Is the dog actually angry or is it just a noisy dog? Can you back away?

Observe your Thoughts

Again, this can be a little challenging to do while experiencing the grip of fear but you need to remember that your body isn’t you. No damage it takes or fear it experiences will put an end to your soul’s journey. Don’t fear, embrace destiny instead. If we can reach the mind-set where we realize we have nothing to be afraid of, we automatically release fear by the bucket load.

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