Seven Patron Saints Of Healing And Everything You Need To Know About Them!

Patron saints of healing

What are the seven patrons of healing? If you’ve run into any trouble, you can call on your patron saints of healing. They are looking over you all the time, and whenever you get stuck in a problem, they are ready to come to your aid.

Saints have always occupied a prominent and well-respected position.

Seven Patron Saints Of Healing

The patron saints of healing are no different in this context. Saints are seen as saviors sent down by God to help His humans struggling and failing in the face of the many challenges that life throws at them. All you have to do is ask for help.

The word ‘saint’ is often used to describe someone who is holy and divine and the perfect embodiment of an honest and devout human being. There are seven saints each for a specific reason. You can find out everything about them here.

1-  St. Anne: The patron saints of healing for infertility

The legend goes that Anne lived with her husband without a child for several years before an angel was sent down to inform her of the good news, she would finally have a child of her own.

The child would be special in ways other than being born after a long time of marriage and would be spoken of around the world. Now, who was this blessed child born to Anne and Joachim?

It was the Virgin Mary. Like her mother, Anne has held a coveted status as the grandmother of Jesus Christ, among the Christians who hold her very dear.

She has a special place among the women who are unable to bear a child; they pray for a miracle through her.

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2-  St. Juliana Falconieri

Among the saint of the sick, she is known as the patron saint of chronic illnesses. She was born into a family of saints hence it is no wonder that she grew up to become a saint herself. Her teacher from a young age was St. Philip Benizi who influenced her throughout her life.

She was very attracted to the concept of holiness and hence at a young age decided to become a nun. She worked dedicatedly for the people around her, helping them in any way she possibly could.

It is often narrated that she was seen around the streets of Florence, giving out food and clothes to the needy. What is most commendable about her story is the fact that she was struggling with illness herself that eventually took her life.

But she didn’t let it come in the way of her mission. She is regarded as one of the kindest and hardworking patron saints of healing.

3-  St. Agatha

She is another patron saint of healing known for her work regarding breast illnesses. She had to endure a lot of pain in her life at the hands of the cruel ruler Quintianus. He was used to getting whatever he desired and when he tried to get her, and she refused, this incurred his wrath upon her.

She was arrested and tortured, but she didn’t betray her faith or promise to God. Her breasts were sliced off, and her pain was unimaginable, but she didn’t move an inch from the oath she had taken.

St. Peter restored her, but when Quintianus found out, he ordered that she should be burned on the coals. She couldn’t survive that and passed away, but she will forever remain a patron for the women.

4-  St. Peregrine Laziosi

Another patron saint of the sick, he started off as a firm supporter of the Roman emperor in his battles against the pope. St. Philip was dispatched to bring the people back to the church, but when St. Peregrine encountered him, he struck him hard.

But St. Philip showed extreme humility and got ready for the next blow. This amazed St. Peregrine so much that he decided to join the religious group and become a priest.

He knew the struggles of the nonbelievers because he once too had been on the opposite side of the church. Hence he was more compassionate and understanding towards them.

In the later years of his life, he suffered from cancer in his leg. In his dying days, he prayed to Jesus Christ and one day woke up completely healed, a miracle has occurred.

5-  St. Aloysius Gonzaga

There were countless saints of healing that it is often hard to keep up. He was born in a privileged and wealthy family, but he gave all that up to become a priest and serve the people and their Creator.

Although originally not very enthusiastic about working in a hospital, when an epidemic struck Rome in 1951, he worked tirelessly for the sick. He brought them to the hospital, found the beds, and tended to the day and night.

He was affected by the disease himself and died of it. He was known as a patron saint of the sick for his efforts.

6-  St. James the greater of the patron saints of healing

He was one of the first people who devoted themselves selflessly to Jesus and was eventually martyred. He witnessed many miracles performed by Christ that only a few were an audience to. He spread the word of God in Judea and Samaria.

There are numerous tales about his magical healing powers like the one about the man that he treated of arthritis while on the way to martyrdom. He was a patron saint of healing, the patron saint for the sick. No one like him matched him in his devotion and true spirit.

7-  Blessed Margaret of Castello

She was born with illness herself yet today she is remembered as the patron saint of healing. Born blind and with a curvature of her spine, life was not easy for her. Her limbs were deformed, and she never grew taller than 4 feet.

She was abandoned by her parents at a young age and was taken in by the women of Castello who brought her up. She did not let her deformities come in the way of helping others.

She visited and nursed the sick in the hospital, comforted them, and understood their pain because she was broken as they were. This is why she is regarded as a saint for the sick, their supporter and their guardian.

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