Higher Vibration Foods to Elevate Your Consciousness

higher vibration foods

Regardless of whether you are spiritual, religious or neither, we all know about energy and the important role it plays in the universe. Bill Hicks once famously said that “all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration”. Energy plays a role in literally every part of the universe. There is energy that you can measure and there is energy that you cannot. This article will look at the energy within you that plays a role in the level of consciousness you are able to achieve. It will look at how higher vibration foods can positively impact your life.  

What sort of energy?

When looking at higher vibration foods, we need to make a clear distinction. When you eat food for energy, this is through the macronutrients found within the food such as carbs or proteins. This is slightly different from the high vibrational foods we’ll be looking at in this article. The energy that they provide is for more than physical energy. It’s a form of spiritual energy. Everything in this universe has its own vibration and that includes food. Eating low vibration foods lowers your own vibration while eating high vibration foods increases it.

Why is a High Vibration Important?

Since everything in this universe has a different vibration, each “thing” reacts differently to that of a different vibrational speed. The universe as a whole has a high vibration, as does the Earth either though the planet or through the natural life that lives on it. In order to better connect with nature, other like-minded people, perhaps angels, God or simply the whole universe (both physical and spiritual) you need to have a high vibration. This is in order to try and get as close to their vibration speed as possible. It’s like trying to make music: you want the drum beat and the bass guitar to be playing at the same tempo otherwise it won’t work.

What are Higher Vibration Foods?

High vibrational foods are clean foods packed full of important nutrients and containing a high vibration. Most of these foods have obvious health benefits in terms of your physical and mental health but they are also essential to a higher vibrational diet. This in turn allows your level of consciousness to rise up to a higher level. As a general rule of thumb, high vibration foods will almost always be natural and organic. Avoid anything that is meat or has been heavily processed as these will be low vibration foods. Your best bet is to shop locally where farmers treat food with less chemicals or additives.

Some Examples of Higher Vibration Foods

The idea behind a high vibrational diet is to pick food that is collecting all its energy from either the sun or the Earth. This means anything that has grown naturally and is in its rawest form is likely to be one of the high vibrational foods. Some of the more obvious suggestions would be things like organic fruit and vegetables. It’s difficult to go wrong with these. Just be wary of some supermarkets, especially big chains as they are likely to add chemicals to certain fruits to make them last longer without going moldy. The safest option is to actually grow your own food either in your garden or allotment but this isn’t an option for everyone.

More Additions to a High Vibrational Diet

Some other obvious higher vibration foods would be dark leafy greens. Again, these follow the same basic rules as before so just be on alert. Of course there are smaller foods that are easy to grow in your own home such as raw herbs. Growing some basil, mint leaves or chives is simple to do, requires very little time or space and is incredibly rewarding. If you live outside of the city, you may be lucky enough to either grow berries in your garden or find them in the wild. These are also a good part of a high vibrational diet.

High Vibration Foods for Fussy Eaters

If you’re perhaps a fussy eater and need help easing into a higher vibrational diet then not to worry, there are options for you too. Certainly one we can all manage is natural spring water. Not technically a food, natural water will definitely aid your vibrational increase. Fresh fruit juice or smoothies are also a form of higher vibration foods as long as you avoid those with high levels of added sugars or other substances. Raw cocoa either in power form or solid form is also an option. Again, just make sure it’s actually in its natural form and isn’t full of sugar.

Minor Add-Ons to your Diet

If you visit a health store, you can also find plenty of other high vibration foods that you can either eat as they come or add to other foods. For example, probiotics are a simple option. Superfoods such as nuts, wheatgrass, spirulina, ETC make great additions to your diet or work well as snack foods. You can also add oils such as coconut oil, flax seed oil, avocado oil or olive oil to foods to give them a little boost. Apple cider vinegar is also an easy addition to any higher vibration foods.  You can even add these to some low vibration foods in order to balance things out.

Further information

So there is really no reason why we can’t all enjoy a higher vibrational diet. Don’t feel that you have to jump straight into eating only high vibration foods. There’s nothing wrong with starting slow, even simply by adding a small addition to one of your meals each day. There are also many ways to enjoy these foods in order to avoid boredom. Just keep in mind to check where your shop-bought food has come from and whether any pesticides were used or whether additives or other chemical have been added. You don’t want to start down this positive path only to discover you’ve been doing more harm than good.

Final Word

Just remember to be careful when picking food in the wild. While it can usually be pretty obvious when something is safe to eat or not, there are berries out there that could be harmful. If you’re in any doubt check with someone who knows better or find a book for your local area’s berry species. On a similar note, while mushrooms are a high vibration food, there is a similar risk. Many mushroom species are completely poisonous and others can be if not prepared a certain way or through having certain parts removed. There is plenty of information out there and knowledge is power.


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