Flower of Life Meditation – A guide to the Flower of Life Meditation

flower of life meditation

There are many different types of meditation, all with a unique function or purpose. A Flower of Life meditation is no different. In this article, we will be exploring just what a Flower of Life meditation truly is.

We’ll explore varying aspects of the flower such as the white flower of life and what is means and represents. We’ll also take you through a flower of life step by step meditation guide.

Finally, we’ll explore the idea of going beyond the flower of life. We’ll start off by exploring the basics of the flower of life.

White flower of life meditation

The flower life meditation (also referred to as the white flower of life meditation) refers to an ancient geometric structure. This sacred geometry can be found all around the world in many varying ancient cultures.

This meditation flower shape is comprised of a series of circles. The symbolism goes pretty deep with this shape. If you were to draw the symbol, you would start off by drawing the center circle.

The other 18 (every flower of life pin has 19 circles exactly) are then drawn around this one; each one interconnected and overlapping the next.

The symbol itself is seen to represent creation (or more accurately the cycle of creation). Without that initial circle, the rest would not be in the correct place.

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The symbol represents the birth of all life and all consciousness from one source (i.e. the center circle). The varying shapes can represent spiritual symbols, atoms, galaxies, cells, anything at all to do with life and existence.

So you can perhaps begin to see why this symbol contains so much power and carries so much significance. There are many more in-depth aspects of the shape you can explore but for now, we’ll begin to take a look at the Flower of Life meditation.

Preparing to Meditate

As with any meditation session, there are optional steps you may or may not choose to take prior to and during your meditation. For example, you may want to consider buying one or several Flower of Life candles to burn.

You could burn them prior to your meditation or light them in a ceremonial fashion just as you begin. As you will be focusing your energies on the Flower of Life, you may also find it beneficial to have the symbol with you.

You could wear a Flower of life pin or have the symbol on a piece of paper either on the ground or stuck to a wall in front of you.

You can print the symbol off but there is something to be gained from drawing the symbol yourself. You’ll find plenty of in-depth guides online explaining how to do so in the proper manner.

Drawing this meditation flower is not an easy task but that challenge is part of what makes it great. You’ll need to have patience which is a skill worthy of developing, particularly in relation to meditation.

Beginning the Meditation

You can start this meditation like any other: sit in a comfortable position, you can cross your legs if you usually do so but don’t feel like you have to if it’s uncomfortable.

You can sit on the floor, on a sofa or chair, you can even lie in bed if you wish but be careful not to fall asleep (especially if you have candles lit). You then want to start taking some focused, deep breaths.

You may have a breathing technique that you use for meditation but if you’re new to the practice, box breathing is a safe bet.

You begin by taking a slow, deep breath to the count of 4, you then hold that breath for another count of 4, slowly breathe out to a count of 4, hold that breath for a count of 4, and then repeat.

The key is to focus not only on the count but also on where one breath ends and a new one begins.

Focus your Mind

You can carry out a Flower of Life meditation in a number of ways depending on what issue you’re trying to resolve.

It could be that you’re trying to find the strength to forgive someone in which case you want to focus on that person and the reasons why forgiveness is so difficult. Perhaps you wish to share your love, faith, strength, or compassion with someone who is in need of it.

If that is the case, you want to focus on them and imagine yourself letting those energies flow from you into them. It could be that someone you know is lost and you wish to light a spiritual torch to guide them back to you.

Whatever your reason, you want to have it in your mind’s eye. You then want to visualize a small Flower of Life symbol. You can picture it on your hand or perhaps on the ground below you.

Slowly, picture the symbol growing and growing. Once it’s large enough that you and anyone else involved in your meditation is enveloped by it, you can allow any energies to flow. It sometimes helps to picture the symbol glowing at this moment.

Ending the Meditation

You can take all the time you need to. The meditation may end itself naturally but if you are pushed for time, don’t feel bad for cutting it short. It’s always better not to rush through meditation but sometimes it can’t be helped.

Take a moment to thank the Flower of Life. Slowly begin to move your fingers and toes, give your arms a shake, and stretch your neck. Make sure to blow out any candles once your Flower of Life meditation is complete!

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