Aura – a wonderful sheath…


Being able to perceive and interpret the colors of the aura means you are able to know someone in full. As a result, you are able to know their emotions, health situation, and spiritual evolution… Discover more on this article about the mysteries that lie in the Aura.

What is the Aura exactly?

It is a magnetic and vibratory field that is akin to a luminous sheath. It surrounds the entire body. It is a sort of halo of light (made up of the colors of the rainbow) that shines around you. The halo of the Saints is a manifestation of it.

Only a few Initiates with specific extrasensory abilities are able to see and analyze it.

Why talk about the Aura?

Because it is important to take as much care of our physical body as our “etheric body”. Both are closely interconnected.

What is the use of knowing how the Aura works?

  • It enables us to feel good inside,
  • It enables us to capture positive energies,
  • It enables us to emit positive energies around us,
  • It enables us to live in harmony with the world around us,
  • It enables us to experience happiness and to lead a serene life.

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The increase your vibrational frequencies, you can also ask your angels for help by praying for them. As the angels are always present to help, guide, and assist you, you will be blessed with a higher vibration which will help you to see your aura. Just follow this link to know more about Aura Colors and their meaning.

The angels always work on bringing happiness, joy, and success into your life, thus the need to trust them with your heart and full belief!

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