Clear Quartz Is A Stone Like No Other, Use It To Feel It

clear quartz

Clear quartz which is also popular by the name of “crystal clarity” is an attention grabber among the many stones. Although it is dubbed as a rock star, it doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight with other stones.

In fact, it is known to work wonders when used with other stones. It acts like a beam of light eradicating the darkness within your soul.

Quartz stone is a universal healer. It opens chakras that help you connect with the higher force and the wisdom within you. It is not very expensive so don’t hesitate while buying the stone.

Once you have experienced the clear crystal and clear quartz metaphysical properties, you will be left in awe of its wonders. Read on to find out what this stone has in store for you.

What makes it special!

There is a distinct property of the quartz stones that are not common to the other gemstones. The stone helps in manifesting realities, voicing intentions, and multiplying energies. Confused? We will simplify it for you.

It acts as the medium of communication between you and the universe. Once you set your intention, the stone will radiate it to your surroundings.

The clear quartz stone meaning can be associated with unmatched power. No other stone comes close to the kind of energy and power that the quartz stones boast.

Owing to this property, it is suggested that other stones can be charged up by placing them in contact with the clear quartz. Another key feature of the stone is its ability to bring clarity to your mind in times of confusion.

White quartz crystal

If you’re standing at a crossroad in life unable to make the important decision that could change you forever, take aid from the white quartz crystal. It will help you focus your mind and energies on making the right choice. Because of its extremely rare qualities, it is a good idea to use other stones with it.

It will not only amplify their energies but enhance the entire process making it more useful and helpful. It will help remove negative vibes from your body replacing them with positivity and good thoughts.

How to use the stone to get the best it has to offer?

People often worry about how they should use gemstones. The answer in this case as in the case of other stones remains the same. Meditation is the key.

So, what is it about mediation that will help you unlock the wonders of the clear quartz? When you meditate you rid yourself of all worldly concerns and enter a state of trance. You are in communion with the divine forces and the voice inside your soul. It is at this moment that you truly understand yourself, what you are and what you can become.

Let its energy enter your body and cleanse it. You no longer have to depend on people to listen to your troubles, speak your heart out to the quartz stone and it will always be there to listen.

Quartz bracelet meaning is nothing more than a way to keep the gemstone by your side at all times to give you a sense of protection and support.

The rituals for the clear quartz and much more!

Gemstones are so much more than chants and rituals. It’s really about understanding the meaning and tuning one’s vibration with theirs.

But it is often said that when you first buy your crystal, hold it in your hand and focus your mind on your intentions. You can say them out loud, but if you are not comfortable with that, you can recite them in your heart.

All you’re doing is cleansing your mind of unnecessary things and concentration on what you want to achieve with the stone. This can be practiced for the clear quartz as well as for any other stones.

Once you start using the crystal, there is a chance that it might lose its original energy. Like a battery of an emergency light, the energy of the stone may also run out after some time. So, it needs regular recharging.

Regular recharging

The recharging of clear quartz is referred to as the cleansing process. You may do this in a number of ways depending on your convenience and choice. These include cleaning your stone with water and then leaving it out for some time under the full moon or the sun.

You can also place your crystal under the soil or on the branches of a plant. In both of these rituals, you are essentially letting the stone interact with nature which will help in its rejuvenation. Another common method is of light a sage stick and immersing the gemstone in its smoke.

This will cleanse it, removing all evil. You may also use Palo Santo stick for this purpose depending on whichever stick is available to you.

Bring a change in your life by using the clear quartz that will help you take control and show everyone who the boss is!

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