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Who is my Guardian Angel? 3 Steps to help you find Him

Who is my Guardian Angel

Who is my Guardian Angel ?  You may ask yourself and you may be fully aware of the fact that you have a Guardian Angel; many of us have noticed their presence (particularly during troubling or difficult times). However, you may still find yourself wondering: “ Who is my Guardian Angel ?” In this article, we are going to explore two different ways that you can discover how to identify your Guardian Angel and we’ll provide you with the most common Guardian angels names.

How do I know my Guardian Angel? – The Basics

Before we jump straight into exploring those, let’s take a look at some basic information surrounding Guardian Angels. What is my Guardian Angel’s name? You may find that this question is repeating itself over and over again in your mind. But what is a Guardian Angel?  We all have angels watching over us but a Guardian Angel plays a slightly more personal role: they are with us from birth until death and likely beyond.

Feeling drawn towards your Guardian Angel always symbolizes the beginnings of spiritual change!

If you’re feeling an inner calling to search for your Guardian Angel, to learn their name, and to communicate with them in new and exciting ways, then you might be taking your first steps along your spiritual journey.

Your Guardian Angel is waiting for you to reach out to them! Would you like to know who your Protective Guardian Angel is?

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What does my guardian angel mean?

There is some debate as to who is your Guardian Angel. Some people view the Archangels we are connected with at birth as our Guardian Angels while others view us as having an angel whose sole purpose is watching over us throughout our lives. We are going to explore both options.

My Guardian Angel Name

If it is true that God tasks an angel to watch over us from birth then you’re likely to be curious as to whom this angel is. As there are an unknown number of angels, there are also an unknown number of names.

There is a fairly straightforward technique you can use though which should hopefully answer the question: who is my guardian angel?

Who is my Guardian Angel and How do I pray to my guardian angel?

Let’s explore that now the steps that will help you to identify him:

  • Step 1

The first thing you want to do is go out into nature. For this technique, you want to be somewhere peaceful, quiet and undisturbed. If there are some empty fields or some woods then either of these would be perfect.

The further away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can get the better. Hearing cars or sirens will disrupt your goal here.

Once you find your spot, you want to remove any restrictions to your body such as watches, bags, tight jackets, hats, etc. If you’re wearing socks and shoes then removing these can allow a natural flow of energy.

  • Step 2

You can either stand or sit for this step. Simply do whichever feels most comfortable. Take a few deep breaths as if you were beginning to meditate and allow all your thoughts and troubles to simply leave your mind, body, and spirit.

The clearer you mind can become here, the more likely that your angel will communicate with you. As you take a few more deep breaths, allow your consciousness to expand and begin to reach out beyond the physical world.

  • Step 3

The final step is to reach out to your Guardian Angel. You can repeat “who is my Guardian Angel?” over and over in your head or alternatively if you’ve reached out to your Guardian Angel before then you can ask them directly.

You can speak out loud or simply use your inner voice. Continue to take deep breaths and allow your mind to remain empty. A name will come to you: it may be immediately or you may have to be patient.

Don’t force a name to appear and don’t create one in your mind, simply allow it to appear.

Other Guardian Angel Names

If you’re still wondering: who is my Guardian Angel,  Then this method may be your best approach.  Some people are of the belief that we are born under the wing of an Archangel and that this angel is our Guardian Angel.

Finding your guardian angel’s name under these circumstances is drastically easier as there are only 12 Archangels to choose from and each is connected to a zodiac sign.

What are the names of the 12 archangels And Who is my Guardian Angel?

So by knowing your date of birth or your zodiac sign allows you to also know the Archangel that is your Guardian angel.

  • December 23rd and January 20th is the zodiac sign of Capricorn and your corresponding Archangel is Azrael;
  • January 21st and February 19th makes you an Aquarius and your Guardian Angel would be Uriel;
  • February 20th and March 20th is Pisces and your Guardian Angel is Sandalphon;
  • March 21st to April 20th is the zodiac of Aries with the Archangel Ariel;
  • April 21st and May 21st is Taurus and your Guardian Angel is Chamuel.
  • May 22nd to June 21st is Gemini with Zadkiel as the Archangel
  • June 22nd to July 23rd is Cancer and Gabriel is the matching Archangel.
  • July 24th to August 23rd is the Leo zodiac which has Raziel as the Guardian Angel.
  • August 24th to September 23rd is Virgo and Metatron is the Archangel of this zodiac.
  • September 24th to October 23rd is Libra and their Guardian Angel is Jophiel.
  • October 24th to November 22nd is the Scorpio zodiac and Jeremiel is the Guardian Angel.
  • November 23rd to December 22nd is Sagittarius and Raguel is the Archangel.

Hopefully, this answers the question: who is my Guardian Angel? But if you’re still in doubt, don’t give up on asking your other angels for guidance

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