Kindred Spirits – The 8 types to know!

kindred spirits

When you meet someone who makes your mind “CLICK”, it is due to the matching energies that you share with that person. Kindred Spirit is one that vibrates at the same vibrational frequency as yours. They can be found in many different forms and almost every type of relationship as well. They can be your teacher, your life partner, your sibling, your uncle, aunt, a pet or anyone else you know. Discover now why you should know more about the Kindred Spirits!

What is a Kindred Spirit?

Although they are not known to have any significance in your life, they are known to be of great help and support. Energy makes up everything around you and within you. We as humans are known to vibrate at different vibrational frequencies at different times of the day and on different days.

People who vibrate at the same vibrational frequency as yours are known as kindred spirits. They are known to share similar personality traits, tastes, interests, and values. They do not have a specific category for being specific.

They can be in the form of intense relationships to floating relationships. The best thing about kindred spirit love is that they can teach you a lot about yourself and your relationships with other people.



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8 Signs of having met Kindred Spirits

They can help you unleash your gifts and potentials that you did not know you were equipped with. There are certain ways in which you can learn about who your kindred spirits are.

1st Sign: Sharing of similar values

Talking about political views, religious beliefs, or even ethics, you share the same views with a kindred spirit. It is unrealistic when you talk to such people about how so many things can be common between two people.

Disagreement between two people is very common, and arguments become a very common everyday dose with people who do not share similar views. However, when you come across kindred spirits, you know it instantly because everything in your heads seems to connect.

2nd Sign: Respect one another

For people with whom you have kindred relationships, you tend to respect them a little more as compared to others. When you come across them, unusual energy runs through you and the respect you give them is something that is out of your control. It just tends to happen unconsciously.

3rd Sign: Your honesty has a different level

Lying is something that we often do even unintentionally and without realizing sometimes. However, with kindred spirits, you are more honest than you normally are with people. Even unconsciously, you do not tend to lie to them and whatever form of honesty you have an approach for is completely natural.

4th Sign: You learn from one another

Learning is a never-ending cycle, and it is never too late to learn. Thus, there is no end to what you can teach one another or learn from one another. It can be something like a new way of living, a new approach to thinking, new perspectives, new liking habits, or even new ways to react to certain changes in your surrounding environment.

Helping you can greater access to greater objectivity, your kindred spirit will always act as a mirror for you in your times of need. By watching one another with compassion, you tend to learn a lot.

5th Sign: You are an energetic match for one another

That magnificent feeling you get when you just meet someone and feel as if you have known them your entire life does not have any match. This is one of the strongest signs of having come across a kindred spirit. Finding many similarities between and your kindred relationship is because you vibrate with the same energy.

You can raise the vibrational frequencies of one another very effectively and efficiently. This allows for greater respect, honesty, and the ability to learn from one another.

6th Sign: Helping each other move forward on the path of life

Having similar adversity in life is also one of the sings to realize who you have a kindred relationship with. Happiness comes from sharing the same vibrational frequency with another person with whom you are very open. The support the person can give you is something you can’t get from anyone else. The comfort their support gives relieves you of all sorts of distress you might be facing currently.

7th Sign: You uplift each other’s lives

You do not need to pretend to be someone you are not. You are so comfortable around their presence that you do not need to cover yourself behind a mask. When you work as a team, there is no one who can stop you.

If you look towards starting up a business, a kindred spirit is a right person to contact as there are no trust issues and you can understand each other better than anyone else might be able to.

8th Sign: You can sense what the other person is in need of

There is an unusual connection between you two and the other senses when you are in need of help. Has it ever happened that you have been having a bad day and someone just calls out of nowhere to check on you? That is the person with whom you have a kindred relationship – such that without you telling him, he knows your instincts.

Even when you tell them that you are okay, they will not believe you and keep bugging you with the same question until you tell them what is wrong. These are the kinds of people who are your kindred spirits.

Trust your kindred relationships

Kindred relationships are not very common, or if they are, you do not seem to know much about them or do not realize that you have on with someone. Often it is in the unconscious mind. Thus, you do not know about them.

You can always ask the angels to bless you with their love and light by making small prayers now and then.

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