Remember Past Life Events and Details: A How to Guide

remember past life

Your view of past lives may vary slightly depending on your religious beliefs or lack thereof. For those of you interested in this phenomenon, remember past life is something achievable. This article will look at how to prepare for this journey and teach you how to remember your past life or lives. Remembering past lives can be an incredible experience that can allow you to better understand your role in the universe and what part you play in the big plan.

How to Remember past life Events

In order to remember past life events and details, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be carried out beforehand. There are also many different methods that people use but in this article we will explore some of the simpler and more common examples. All require the same sort of preparation.

In order to remember past life events, you have to have a clear mind and soul. Higher beings can assist you but if your spirit is unwilling then no amount of aid will help. The best way to do this is to reset your energy levels and remove any negativity. As with most techniques related_posts to spirituality, you’re aiming for the highest vibrational energy you can achieve.

Meditation is always a useful tool for cleansing your energy of all negativity. However, as we’ll be using meditation for one of the techniques, you may want to save it for that. There are many incredibly simple methods of removing negative energy.

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Some of the simplest are cleaning your house and opening some windows. Lighting some candles or incense also helps this process. Wear a crystal (ideally a charged one) or spend some time in the same room as a crystal ball. Relaxing in a bath clears any physical impurities but also helps wash away negative energy.

Expectations of Remembering Past Lives

Before leaping head first into the methods, there is a level of caution that should be taken. Not a warning of danger but rather a warning of having too high expectations. The degree to which people remember past life events varies drastically.

Remembering past life events could be limited to seeing shoes you had 100 years ago, it could be hearing your name 3 lifetimes ago. Some people don’t experience anything at all the first few times. It’s important to prepare yourself for that possibility. Realize that it may take you 5 times or more before you actually remember any past life details.

Remember Past Life Details through Hypnosis

One technique for how to remember your past lives is hypnosis. You don’t have to visit a stage magician or hypnotist for this experience. If you are able to visit a specialist, that’s great. If not, there are plenty of resources online, most of which are free.

You can find people willing to practice hypnosis, you could use a pre-recorded hypnosis track or alternatively, you could take part in self-hypnosis. You can do self-hypnosis by recording a hypnosis track yourself and listening back to it or by using your own inner-voice to guide your mind. This is similar to the meditation method that we shall be exploring shortly.

A word of caution: if you’re asking someone to hypnotize you, it’s important that you trust this person. If it’s a professional with references and reviews, then you should be safe. Hypnosis can’t make you do anything you wouldn’t want to do in the first place but it can reawaken painful memories, either from a past life or this current one.

Remember Past Life Details through Meditation

Meditation has an unknown number of practical uses. One of which is remembering past life details or events. You get plenty of resources online in the form of guided meditation that can help walk you through the experience. If you’d rather go it alone, here is a basic guide.

It’s important to remember that each person’s journey will be slightly different. These guidelines are simply the base level to get you started. You’ll often find that as you learn how to remember your past life or how to remember your past lives that you begin to forge your own, unique path back to that place.

You want to start the same way you would any meditation session: some deep, slow, focused breaths. Concentrate on each breath and gradually become aware of where one breath ends and the next begins. When you feel yourself entering into a meditative state, you’ll have to direct your mind a little.

Focus on your aim to remember past life events and let that lead you. You have to trust your gut instinct a lot here. You can use a mantra of some sort to aid in this process such as: ‘Take me back to a previous life’ or ‘Who was I in a previous life’.

Remembering Past Life Details

You may reach a point where you start to notice tiny details. You may be in darkness and hear a noise or see a symbol. Simply allow your mind to follow it. For some people, this may be all you get out of your first session: a word, a symbol, a woman’s voice. Try to focus on the details now, let your mind leave your body and your house. Let it instead chase these memories. As more details flow in, you may begin to see people or cities or entire scenes or events.

It’s important to remember to stay calm, sometimes getting excited can rattle your concentration and allow the moment to slip away. Whenever you’re done, simply make a note of what you experienced, draw any symbols you saw, describe the people or write what you felt. Document the event so that next time, you have an anchor to take you back to that point.

Using Spiritual Beings as Aids

If the meditation on its own isn’t helping, there are a few extra steps that can help. You can call upon your guardian angels or spirit guides to assist you. They can teach you how to remember past lives. Simply explain your purpose, what sort of details you’re trying to discover and how they can help you reach it. It’s important to note that they may block access to certain memories if they feel like you aren’t ready to experience them.

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